Sat. Jan 28th, 2023
Statement by David McAllister, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and António López-Istúriz White, Chair of the Delegation for relations with Israel, on the escalation of events.

“The indiscriminate launching of rockets by Hamas and other terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip into Israel must stop immediately. These rocket attacks have no justification and put the lives of innocent people in Israel at great risk.

As innocent Israelis prepare to spend another night in the shelters amidst wailing sirens telling people to seek refuge from incoming rocket attacks, we want to reiterate our full solidarity with the people of Israel in this very difficult moment of fear, loss and mourning and we recall that Israel has the right to defend itself and protect its population from terror attacks.

Israelis and Palestinians need to be able to live in safety, democracy and prosperity. We recall that there are many Palestinians who long for peace, agency and democracy and are committed to the objective of two States with Israel and a future Palestinian State living side by side in peace and prosperity. These indiscriminate rocket attacks are also an attack against the peace process and deprive both Israelis and Palestinians of their right to a future of peace, security and prosperity. These rocket attacks against innocent Israelis are also an attack against innocent Palestinians committed to peace. Their lives are put at great risk by the rockets and their right to determine their future is quashed.

We second the efforts of High Representative of the Union Josep Borrell to de-escalate the situation as a matter of priority and to support efforts aimed at ending further violence from Hamas and other terrorist groups in the Gaza Strip against Israel.”

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