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IEU Climate Monitoring 25 January 2021 (30 pages, full text)

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Our IEU Monitoring headlines today*:


  • IPCC advances work on final product of upcoming assessment report +++


  • Recovery and Resilience Facility: Commission updates guidance for recovery and resilience plans


  • António Guterres: 50% of all Climate Finance Needed for Adaptation
  • ECB sets up climate change centre
  • ECB to invest in Bank for International Settlements’ green bond fund
  • Christine Lagarde: Climate change and central banking
  • Fabio Panetta (ECB): Sustainable finance: transforming finance to finance the transformation
  • Remarks by IMF Managing Director at the Climate Adaptation Summit: The IMF is placing climate change at heart of its work
  • UN Deputy Secretary-General, in Summit Dialogue Message, Urges Donors to Commit Half of Climate Funds for Crucial 'Breakthrough’ on Adaptation, Resilience
  • BIS launches second green bond fund for central banks - Bank for International Settlements
  • Globaler Anpassungsgipfel: Deutschland verstärkt Engagement für Anpassung an den Klimawandel in besonders betroffenen Ländern


  • Climate and Energy diplomacy at the Foreign Affairs Council on 25 January 2021
  • EU Council adopts conclusions on climate and energy diplomacy
  • EU Commission: Foreign Affairs Council backs EU’s ambitious goal on climate action and calls for global action to limit the damage of climate crisis
  • EU’s climate and energy diplomacy needs to help implement the Paris Agreement - CAN Europe


  • EU Parliament: AIDA meeting 27/01: Hearing on AI and the EU Green Deal
  • New European Bauhaus: a welcome creation at the heart of the Green Deal - Renew Europe
  • Die Grünen/EFA: Zukunftsfähig im Sinne des Green Deals? EU-Agrarreform auf dem Prüfstand


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