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IEU Dossier: Autonomous and Connected Driving - 2/2022

IEU ACD 2022-5-20
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ISSUE 2/2022
  • European Commission adopts new initiatives for sustainable and smart mobility
  • ITS European Congress 2022, 30th May to 1st June
  • Discover something new at the ITS European Congress
  • ITS Plenary Session 2 on Deployment challenges: From large-scale trials to deployment
  • ITS Plenary Session 3 on Sharing City Spaces: Cities as Logistics Hubs
  • EU Commission seeks views on possible measures on access to in-vehicle data
  • Harmonising spectrum for enhanced connectivity: ready for 5G and innovation EU Commission - 8/2/2022
  • ECA: Wireless 5G standard in the EU needs a booster - 24/1/2022
  • Germany and France to support four joint cooperation projects on 5G applications for private networks - 21/1/2022
  • EU Commissioner Adina Vălean: “Structured dialogue” exchange of views with TRAN - State of implementation of this year's CWP, the priorities for CWP 2023 and the general state of play of the transport files - 15/3/2022
  • EU Commission: Answer to a written question - Smart transport aspects of the Connecting Europe Facility Regulation - 2/2/2022
  • EU Commission kicks off consultations on the greening and digitalisation of the mobility, transport and automotive ecosystem
  • EU Commissioner Adina Vălean: Presentation of the Efficient and green Mobility package - 24/1/2021
  • ST 7642 2022 INIT Proposal for a Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council amending Directive 2010/40/EU on the framework for the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems in the field of road transport and for interfaces with other modes of transport [COM(2021) 813 final - 2021/0419 (COD)] - Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee
  • ST 6843 2022 INIT Opinion 3/2022 on the Proposal for amending the Directive on the framework for the deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems in the field of road transport
  • French EU Presidency: European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving - 18/2/2022
  • High-Level Meeting on Connected and Autonomous Driving - 16-17 February 2022
  • Bundesrat macht den Weg frei für Zulassung von autonom fahrenden Autos - 20/5/2022
  • mFUND-Workshop series "Data Innovations for Smart Mobility in Europe"
  • Transport infrastructure: projects receive EUR 425 million in EU funding to boost green mobility and to adapt the network for dual civil/defence use
  • McKinsey & Company: The road to affordable autonomous mobility - 3/1/2022
  • Das DLR auf der Messe polisMOBILITY in Köln
  • Fraunhofer IKS validates artificial intelligence (AI)
  • 5 levels of autonomous driving
  • Current status: How much autonomy is permitted on our roads at the moment?
  • Opportunities and risks: autonomous vehicles have a wide range of applications
  • Technical requirements for autonomous driving
  • Dependable cognitive systems for autonomous driving
  • Safety through adaptive software architectures
  • SHOW pre-acceptance survey: Have your say on automated mobility!
  • 5G Talks – Meet one of 5G-MOBIX Greek partners: ICCS
  • Testing 5G-enabled CAM functionalities in cross-border scenarios: 5G-MOBIX public demonstration across the Greece -Turkey border
  • New ERTRAC CCAM Roadmap available
  • MOBI Battery Initiative: Now and Future - 5/5/2022
  • Complex Queries Over Decentralized Systems for Smart Mobility Geodata Retrieval - 6/4/2022
  • A Circular Approach to Zero Carbon Mobility - 17/2/2022
  • Introducing AWS for Automotive - 11/2/2022
  • Web3 Vehicle Track and Trace - 25/1/2022
  • Accelerating Blockchain Transformation for the Automotive Industry by Blockedge - 13/1/2022
  • Identity Pilot for 280 Million Vehicles: EU Commission and MOBI
  • Autonomous Driving an homologation testing - TÜV SÜD
  • Autonomous Driving: Hype or Reality? - Deloitte
  • Conditionally automated driving: Mercedes-Benz announces sales launch of DRIVE PILOT
  • Valeo’s LiDAR technology, the key to conditionally automated driving, part of the Mercedes-Benz DRIVE PILOT SAE-Level 3 system
  • Mercedes-Benz and Sila achieve breakthrough with high silicon automotive battery
  • Qualcomm to supply Volkswagen Group’s CARIAD with SoCs for assisted and autonomous driving up to Level 4
  • Autonomous driving concepts of Tesla and Mercedes compared
  • Valeo: Next lidar capable of Level 4 autonomous driving
  • Mercedes rolls out Level 3 autonomous driving tech in Germany
  • At the Wheel of Mercedes Autonomous Driving
  • Hear from Aurora, Nvidia and Waymo about the two roads to autonomous driving at TC Sessions: Mobility
  • Qualcomm to supply Volkswagen Group’s CARIAD with SoCs for assisted and autonomous driving up to Level 4
  • The BMW Group and Ansys co-developing simulation software for automated and autonomous driving
  • Baidu Takes Big Step Towards Full Autonomous Driving
  • A Perception Framework in Autonomous Driving Systems
  • becomes the first autonomous driving company to receive a taxi license in China
  • debuts its 6th generation autonomous driving system design
  • Autonomous driving industry taking shape in Taiwan
  • Bosch Acquires UK Autonomous Driving Firm Five AI
  • A Look Inside the World’s First Law Regulating Autonomous Driving (Bonus)
  • Swiss Re, Baidu Team Up In Autonomous Driving Business
  • China reportedly to allow Level 3 autonomous driving
  • Aurora Upgrades Autonomous Driving System
  • Weeks after surprising shuffle, new TuSimple CEO pledges to be an 'evangelist' for autonomous driving
  • Verizon, Cisco Collaborate to Enable Autonomous Driving Solutions with 5G MEC
  • The tech inside the new Lotus Eletre EV hints at autonomous driving ambitions
  • You can’t afford to use inaccurate data to train autonomous driving AI
  • Qualcomm closes $4.5bn deal, will acquire autonomous driving assets
  • U Power collaborates with NVIDIA on open vehicle computing platform that scales from Level 2 to Level 4 autonomous driving
  • Lucid Motors will use Nvidia’s auto-grade chips to power autonomous driving
  • Iveco takes further step towards connected and autonomous driving with successful conclusion of ENSEMBLE project
  • Bridgestone invests in autonomous driving technology provider May Mobility
  • Markets, Diamonds, And Autonomous Driving (Podcast)
  • Autobrains nabs $19M, bringing its Series C to $120M, to take on Mobileye in autonomous driving tech
  • Mobileye, a profitable autonomous driving company, files for IPO
  • to issue recall of autonomous driving software
  • Russian autonomous-driving company Yandex SDG idles U.S. operations amid Ukraine invasion
  • Bosch acquires Atlatec to bolster autonomous driving portfolio
  • Kia unveils ‘Automode’ autonomous driving tech that will debut on the EV9 SUV
  • How Sony plans to revolutionize its e-cars with built-in Playstation games and autonomous driving
  • Cruise co-founder Vogt named CEO of autonomous driving company
  • Waymo: Utilizing key point and pose estimation for the task of autonomous driving
  • Utilizing key point and pose estimation for the task of autonomous driving
  • Automotive-Qualified Gen 4 PCIe® switches enable autonomous driving ecosystem
  • Is Huawei really selling its autonomous driving business?
  • VW CEO sees widespread autonomous driving within 25 years
  • Black Sesame Technologies selects Elektrobit AUTOSAR Classic Platform for developing high-performance autonomous driving solutions
  • Opinion: How functional safety is critical in autonomous driving system development
  • Sources: Didi plans to cut up to 20% jobs before its Hong Kong IPO; source says Didi Finance, autonomous driving, and some other units will be less impacted
  • Despite a drop in how many companies are testing autonomous driving on California roads, miles driven are way up
  • MORAI raises $20.8M for autonomous driving simulation
  • Velodyne Lidar soars 25% after issuing Amazon warrant to buy nearly 40 million shares of the autonomous driving tech company
  • Tens of thousands of Teslas could be incapable of fully-autonomous driving because they lack a standard microchip, report says
  • Democratised technology has catalysed autonomous driving efforts
  • Annotell raises $24M to develop data labeling tools for autonomous driving systems
  • Cruise’s Vogt Says Autonomous Driving Business Plans On Track After CEO Shakeup
  • Hyundai Mobis invests in startup Zendar to accelerate Level 4 autonomous driving
  • Adversarial Attack and Defense of YOLO Detectors in Autonomous Driving Scenarios. (arXiv:2202.04781v1 [cs.CV])
  • Sim-to-Real Domain Adaptation for Lane Detection and Classification in Autonomous Driving. (arXiv:2202.07133v1 [cs.CV])
  • AI-as-a-Service Toolkit for Human-Centered Intelligence in Autonomous Driving. (arXiv:2202.01645v2 [cs.AI] UPDATED)
  • CSFlow: Learning Optical Flow via Cross Strip Correlation for Autonomous Driving. (arXiv:2202.00909v1 [cs.CV])
  • Adaptive Instance Distillation for Object Detection in Autonomous Driving. (arXiv:2201.11097v1 [cs.CV])
  • 3D Object Detection from Images for Autonomous Driving: A Survey. (arXiv:2202.02980v2 [cs.CV] UPDATED)

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