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IEU Dossier Industry 4.0, Robotics & AI -Issue 2/2022

IEU IRA 2022-4-30
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  • Special Committee report on Artificial intelligence: press conference, plenary debate and vote on Tuesday, May 3, 2022
  • Summary of the EU's A.I. debate by Kai Zenner (Head of the office of MEP Axel Voss)
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  • The future of AI: the EU Parliament's roadmap for Europe
  • EU Joint Research Centre: EU has comparative advantage in autonomous robotics, AI services
  • European AI Excellence and Trust in the world – registrations are open - 15/3/2022
  • Information session on the call for proposals for public sector open data for Artificial Intelligence
  • Brain-computer interfaces and the governance system - OECD - 12/4/2022
  • EU-India: Joint press release on launching the Trade and Technology Council
  • Statement by President von der Leyen with Indian Prime Minister Modi
  • Structural dialogue with EVP Vestager focusing on the Chips Act and Data Act
  • Information session on the European Chips Act
  • EU Commission invites citizens and organisations to share their views on the European Cyber Resilience Act - 16/3/2022
  • EU Commission publishes its Roadmap for the Next-Generation IoT in Europe - 16/3/2022
  • Europe sets out 6G vision at MWC in Barcelona
  • Cloud IPCEI ready to take off, with 26 German companies on board and €750 million earmarked in funding - 7/4/2022
  • WHO highlights benefits and dangers of artificial intelligence for older people - 10/2/2022
  • Intellectual property: Commission boosts protection of European craft and industrial products in the EU and beyond
  • EU Commission Q&A: Regulation on geographical indications for craft and industrial products
  • Artificial Intelligence: MEPs and experts discussed the parameters of law proposal
  • EP DRAFT OPINION on the proposal for a regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council laying down harmonised rules on artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Act) and amending certain Union legislative acts
  • Frankreich und Deutschland fördern gemeinsam fünf Kooperationsprojekte im Bereich der Nutzung künstlicher Intelligenz zur Stärkung der Krisenresilienz - 19/4/2022
  • BMWK: Startschuss für die Start-up-Strategie der Bundesregierung - 19/4/2022
  • BMWK: 117 Millionen Euro für elf Gaia-X Leuchtturmprojekte: Parlamentarische Staatssekretärin Brantner überreicht Förderbescheide - 19/4/2022
  • Cloud IPCEI ready to take off, with 26 German companies on board and €750 million earmarked in funding - 8/4/2022
  • BMWiK: Digitalisierung der Gesellschaft kommt weiter voran
  • Baden-Württemberg: Neuer Förderaufruf für regionale KI-Labs startet
  • The digitalisation of infrastructures and infrastructure-based (public) services: what are the problems? - Florence School of Regulation
  • EuroCommerce and GS1 in Europe call for open, inclusive and decentralized EU Digital product passport
  • Artificial Intelligence: CCIA Welcomes European Parliament Progress on EU AI Act, Urges Further Improvements
  • Evolving From an Internet Registry to IoT Registry - 13/4/2022
  • An Update on the Artificial Intelligence Act: Progress, Battlegrounds, and Next Steps - Center for Data Innovation - 27/4/2022
  • A New Study Lays Bare the Cost of the GDPR to Europe’s Economy: Will the AI Act Repeat History? - Center for Data Innovation - 27/4/2022
  • Mapping Critical Infrastructure Around the World - Center for Data Innovation - 27/4/2022
  • Die digitale Transformation menschengerecht gestalten - BAuA - 13/4/2022
  • Bitkom zur Gigabit-Strategie der Bundesregierung
  • Robotics Growth Partnership launches cyber-physical infrastructure vision
  • USPTO Welcomes New Director Kathi Vidal
  • Kathi Vidal: Working to Make Our Intellectual Property System Drive an Innovation Economy
  • U.S. Department of Commerce Appoints 27 Members to National AI Advisory Committee
  • Initial Draft of AI Risk Management Framework - 19/4/2022
  • U.S. NIST seeks input on international aspects of the Cybersecurity Framework - 4/4/2022
  • NIST Seeks Comments on Draft AI Risk Management Framework, Offers Guidance on AI Bias - 17/3/2022
  • There’s More to AI Bias Than Biased Data, NIST Report Highlights
  • U.S. NIST Seeks Input to Update Cybersecurity Framework, Supply Chain Guidance
  • Latest headlines on A.I., robotics, and industry 4.0
  • Artificial Intelligence Pros and Cons
  • Everything You Want to Know About Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Why should you use artificial intelligence in marketing?
  • Top Five Myths about Artificial Intelligence that newbies have
  • Papers to Read on using Artificial Intelligence in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  • Artificial Intelligence on the way of Translators: Like it or Lump it!
  • How Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Can Help React Native Apps
  • Banks Are Digging Deeper into Potential of Artificial Intelligence
  • Integration of 5G with Analytics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Establishing an Artificial Intelligence Hub in Iraq
  • How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Radiology Pathology
  • Engineers use artificial intelligence to capture the complexity of breaking waves
  • 7 Effective Ways People Are Making Money With Artificial Intelligence
  • Learn, Fight and Memorize: The Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Video Game Industry
  • Busy Artificial Intelligence and no Work for Humans
  • Artificial Intelligence Will Replace Human Police Officers
  • 130 Business Ideas in Blockchain, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics
  • ‘The Business Case For AI’ Is A Good Management Introduction To Real-World Artificial Intelligence
  • How The Convergence of AI and IoT Is Transforming Industry 4.0
  • Allied Solutions Webinar: Artificial Intelligence for Financial Institutions - How Your Call Center Can Generate Revenue with AI
  • Swiss is using artificial intelligence and Google Cloud technology to further enhance its flight operations
  • Telent arms the AMRC with the 5G private network tools to unlock Industry 4.0 potential for its customers
  • LR and Thetius launch new report ‘Artificial Intelligence in Maritime – a learning curve’
  • [Research Report] How Operators are Putting CX First with Biometrics and Artificial Intelligence
  • Art and artificial intelligence: simply a tool or an ingenious creation?
  • IDS GeoRadar adds artificial intelligence layer to slope stability monitoring process
  • Artificial Intelligence and Chemical and Biological Weapons
  • Papers to Read on Loss Functions in Artificial Intelligence
  • UAE vows 'responsible' artificial intelligence rollout
  • Intentsify Appoints New CFO, VP of Artificial Intelligence
  • Industry 5.0, ESG and cross-border co-creation: The rise of industrial tech turns eyes toward Asia
  • Artificial intelligence in healthcare
  • NORAD’s VanHerck says artificial intelligence capabilities lacking
  • BrainBox AI Brings Artificial Intelligence to Mountain Development Corp. with Installations in Two of its Commercial Office Buildings
  • How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is Changing Manufacturing: Insights from Industry…
  • Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning: the revolution in quality control, inspections and…
  • Agents and Multi-agent Systems in Artificial Intelligence.
  • The Department of Defense hires Craig Martell, Lyft's head of machine learning, as the Pentagon's first chief digital and artificial intelligence officer (Billy Mitchell/FedScoop)
  • Artificial intelligence needs rebranding to system or process automation
  • What Artificial Intelligence can Help Businesses Manage Their Online Profiles
  • How Artificial Intelligence Will Fail to be Used for Mass Surveillance.
  • Papers to Read on using Artificial Intelligence in the Coding Domain
  • How Does AI (Artificial Intelligence) Help with Data Scraping to Solve Web Scraping Issues?
  • Could Artificial Intelligence Help Identify Your Risk To Serious Illness And Disease
  • What Is GPT-3 And How is it Revolutionizing Artificial intelligence
  • [LEMC News] LEMONCHAIN Participates in ‘Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Strategy on Metabuses’…
  • Large-Scale Artificial Intelligence Open Network
  • Artificial Intelligence Has A Blind Spot: Community Ownership
  • Artificial Intelligence Is Already Here Ours Jobs Are In Danger ?
  • Expert systems in Artificial Intelligence
  • Employing Artificial Intelligence to Maximize PPC Performance
  • Artificial Intelligence In Healthcare Explained: How It Will Change Your Life (And When)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Good Economic Policy Making
  • What Roles Does Artificial Intelligence And Blockchain Play In Web3 ?
  • Artificial Intelligence Is Stuck In A Narrow Rut
  • Benefits and Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence in Disaster Management
  • Artificial Intelligence: A Friend or a Threat?
  • Use of Industry 4.0 in Supply Chain Management Projects
  • Google RankBrain — How Artificial Intelligence Impact Google Search
  • A new vision of artificial intelligence for the people
  • Artificial intelligence hiring levels in the power industry rose in March 2022
  • How Artificial Intelligence Is Set To Revolutionize The Construction Industry?
  • B Tech Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Colleges in Bangalore | CMRIT
  • Artificial Intelligence in the Education Sector Market Includes Top Countries Figures, Business…
  • LYNX Technik Incorporates Artificial Intelligence in its New Instant Dialog Cleaner (IDC) yellobrik
  • Top 3 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business
  • How To Execute Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Into Mobile Apps?
  • How To Power Your Business With Artificial Intelligence — An AI Fueled Organization
  • Venture studio, the right answer to trigger Industry 4.0?
  • Machine Learning Vs. Artificial Intelligence
  • The Future of Coaching is Artificial Intelligence
  • Can AI hack us or is it just science fiction ? Malicious side of Artificial Intelligence.
  • How is Artificial Intelligence Transforming Digital Pathology
  • 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Healthcare
  • Clearing up biases in artificial intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence is Infringing on Actors’ Image, Likeness Says U.K. Performers’ Union Equity
  • Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Institutes in Delhi — Workout with emerging trends
  • Artificial Intelligence Takes Over The Media Ad Industry
  • Artificial Intelligence’s emergence into Cyber-security
  • How do I get customers in artificial intelligence services?
  • Industry Executives Share Real Insights on Artificial Intelligence
  • AI, Equity, and Law: How the EU’s Artificial Intelligence Act Advances Equity
  • Revealing the Artificial Intelligence Strategies to Drive Startup Growth
  • Top 5 Misconceptions And Myths About Artificial Intelligence In 2022
  • 3 uses of artificial intelligence to improve customer experience
  • Best Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi: AI Tools and Learning Practices
  • Anuga FoodTec and Industry 4.0: Smart sensors and virtual reality highlighted as key innovation areas
  • A Definitive Guide for HR Professionals on Artificial Intelligence (AI)in Recruiting
  • When does a patient die of cardiac arrest? A new artificial intelligence technology predicts
  • Artificial intelligence is creating a new colonial world order
  • In 2022 France Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Construction Market Advancing the Growth Globally by…
  • Industry 4.0 is bringing Asia closer to Europe; Momenta Ventures is a key driver
  • Papers to Read on using Artificial Intelligence with Organic Chemistry
  • Can Artificial Intelligence create art
  • Artificial intelligence: a winning strategy for payments
  • Artificial Intelligence Transformation Development of Software World Around Us
  • 5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Way We Live and Work
  • How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Financial Ecosystem
  • Python for Artificial Intelligence: 10 Reasons Why You Should Use It
  • How to Use Python for Artificial Intelligence: 7 Easy Ways
  • Artificial Intelligence, Games, and Movies.
  • 5 Effective Ways to Make Money on Artificial Intelligence
  • Will Artificial Intelligence Overrule the Human Mind?
  • Artificial intelligence — a vehicle or an obstacle on our path to a sustainable future?
  • “Artificial Intelligence” Science-Research, April 2022 — summary from OSTI GOV, DOE Pages…
  • Powering the Ideal Guest Experience with Artificial Intelligence
  • How to leverage artificial intelligence to combat inequities: McKinsey
  • How Google Uses Artificial Intelligence to Fix Online Business Listings
  • The Chatter Podcast: Artificial Intelligence and its Perils with Jacob Ward
  • How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Helps Companies Build Stronger Customer Relationships
  • Game Theory & Artificial Intelligence
  • Neural networks are not the path to building self-aware Artificial Intelligence.
  • These VCs and CVCs are diving into Industry 4.0; and you?
  • Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Apps in 2022
  • Smart Artificial Intelligence Sheds Light on How the Brain Processes Language.
  • Papers to Read on application of Artificial Intelligence in the Gravitational Lensing Domain
  • Turing Test in Artificial Intelligence
  • The ABCs of artificial intelligence with 3M's AI evangelist
  • Capturing the true value of Industry 4.0
  • An emerging technology that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to transform the online business world
  • Which is Better Data Science or Artificial Intelligence?
  • Disease Diagnosis from Chest X–Ray: Artificial Intelligence
  • What is Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence? What are Its Principles and Benefits?
  • Machine Learning in Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence application in Manufacturing 4.0 Industrial Revolution.
  • 5 Papers on Using Artificial Intelligence for Fire Detection
  • “Artificial Intelligence” Science-Research, April 2022, Week 2 — summary from,
  • Artificial Intelligence in Google Search Engine Algorithms “New Upgrade”
  • From cassette tapes to Industry 4.0: How corporate venturing charts TDK's way forward
  • The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the Future of Recruitment
  • Data quality can make or break efforts to bring artificial intelligence to IT operations
  • A Brief Overview of the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity
  • Anuga FoodTec and Industry 4.0: Smart sensors and virtual reality highlighted as key innovation areas
  • The Differences Between Algorithms, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • Panera Is Testing Miso Robotics’ Artificial Intelligence System To Ensure A Consistent Coffee Experience
  • Papers to Read on Using Topology with Artificial Intelligence
  • 5 Papers to Read on using Artificial Intelligence to Progress 5G technology
  • How Pangaea Data is Using Artificial Intelligence to Drive Innovation in Cancer Care
  • How is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Used in Banking?
  • Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity among top priorities for Brazilian banks
  • Artificial Intelligence is smart (as a 7year old)
  • Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Soccer And Could Decide The 2022 World Cup
  • Uses of Artificial Intelligence in the Medicinal Field
  • Centre for drone to help youth prepare for Industry 4.0
  • How to Implement Artificial Intelligence in Your Business So That Your AI Investment Pays off
  • A Holistic View of Artificial Intelligence — The State of the Art, Risks, Impact on Businesses and…
  • AI Hardware Program Aims To Lead in Artificial Intelligence Technology Development.

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