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IEU Smart Cities Monitoring 14 May 2021 (25 pages, PDF)

IEU SC 2021-5-14
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Our IEU MONITORING headlines this week:

  • EU Cohesion policy: Kick-off of the 6th Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region
  • After the Porto Social Summit, regions and cities urge for the recognition of their role in building a Social Europe
  • On 9 May regional and local leaders will discuss with citizens how to bring the Conference on the Future of Europe to regions, cities and villages across the EU
  • CoR ready to bring Conference on the future of EU in regions, cities and villages, to shape a better Europe that delivers in line with citizens' needs
  • Welcome to the Digital Compass Community!
  • A new web platform for adequate housing in EU cities by URBACT and Urban Innovative Actions
  • Registrations for the 2021 URBACT City Festival are open!
  • CoR: RegHub launches consultation on 21st century rules for 21st century infrastructure
  • Smart Cities Marketplace forum
  • ASCR-Präsenz auf dem Smart City Summit 2021 - Aspern Smart City Research
  • Speech: Digital Government - UK Cabinet Office
  • Why experimental methods drive urban transitions: lessons learned from 10 years of programming Urban Living Labs
  • WEF: 4 charts that show how technology is enabling the energy transition
  • EU Commission sets the carbon farming initiative in motion
  • EU must work more with regions and cities on health matters
  • Local and regional politicians call for improved and more accessible digital education for all European citizens
  • Hortiya – indoor farming with AI - Vodafone Institute
  • Urban Data Plattform - Smart City Wien
  • CSIS: Surprises from China's Latest Census
  • Philadelphia GIS Structure Drives Deeper Data Insights - Data-Smart City Solutions at Harvard Kennedy School's Ash Center
  • Latest publicatons by the Smart Cities Council
  • Congressional Smart Cities Caucus
  • Changing Climate in Tennessee
  • Four Major Themes in State and Local Government Contracting Hotspots for 2021
  • Improving Community Resilience with Data
  • Orange County Needs Your Smart & Healthy Building Solutions
  • Orange County Convention Center Needs Your Solutions
  • Schedule for Orange County Smart & Healthy Building Readiness Program
  • Orange County Smart & Healthy Building Readiness Program
  • Seventh Session Nashville Mitigation of Urban Flooding (3/25/21)
  • Earth Day Needs a Roadmap And Orange County has One
  • Data Driven Equitable Outcomes with the City of Nashville and Orange County, Florida
  • Orange County, Florida - "Smart & Healthy Buildings' Readiness Cohort. Session 6
  • Orange County, Florida - "Smart & Healthy Buildings' Readiness Cohort. Session 5
  • Orange County, Florida - "Smart & Healthy Buildings' Readiness Cohort. Session 4
  • Orange County, Florida - "Smart & Healthy Buildings' Readiness Cohort. Session 3
  • Orange County, Florida - "Smart & Healthy Buildings' Readiness Cohort
  • Orange County, Florida - "Smart & Healthy Buildings' Readiness Cohort. Session 2
  • SCC and Dense Networks present Getting to Smart Connected Vehicles
  • SCC and Dense Networks present Getting to Smart "Funding Telcom and Power Infrastructure"
  • Latest Publications by Next City
  • Economics In Brief: It’s Not That People Don’t Want to Work, It’s That Work Is Broken
  • Housing in Brief: Cities Leave Federal Homelessness Funds on the Table
  • ‘Solar For All’ Brings Clean Energy to Low- and Middle-Income DC Residents
  • Gulf Coast Communities Are Solving Their Own Flooding Crisis. Is This a Model for Cities Nationwide?
  • How Faith-Based Organizations Are Making Manufacturing More Inclusive
  • The Pandemic Modernized School Board Meetings — Will the Changes Last?
  • LA’s ‘Unapologetically Black’ Mile-Long Monument Rises in Crenshaw
  • Billions Sought to Electrify Nation’s Buses
  • People of Color Are Experts on America. But You Aren’t Listening.
  • How Houston’s First Pregnant Councilmember Is Using Her Power to Enact Change
  • Illinois Will Now Grade Credit Unions and Mortgage Companies on Their Commitment to Fair Lending
  • How Bakersfield, California Ended Chronic Homelessness
  • Vegas Stronger Starts by Asking Businesses to Call Them, Instead of Police
  • Building Community Power: Investing in Residents to Shape Their City
  • How Jackson, Mississippi’s New Comprehensive Plan Foregrounds Race
  • Housing in Brief: D.C. Judge Vacates CDC Eviction Order
  • Economics in Brief: Dollar Stores Make Up Nearly Half of All New Store Openings This Year
  • Cities Are Looking to Get Better Community Engagement By Paying for It
  • The Farm Helping Indigenous Seattleites Reconnect to Their Roots
  • Is Fayetteville, Arkansas the Next Great Biking City?
  • 24-Hour Subway Service to Resume in New York
  • Meeting Biden’s New Climate Target Starts with Affordable, Sustainable Housing
  • San Jose’s Youth Internship Program Isn’t Just About the Silicon
  • Citizen Science Is Helping Tackle Stinky Cities
  • Who Benefits From the New Markets Tax Credit? New Research Dives Into 5,000 Projects to Find Out
  • The Atlanta BeltLine Wants to Prevent Displacement of Longtime Residents. Is it Too Late?
  • Dreaming as a Form of Revolution with Yodit Mesfin Johnson & Shauen Pearce
  • Singapore Shows What Serious Urban Farming Looks Like
  • Economics In Brief: California Law to Slow Down the Big Investor Housing Grab Passes First Test


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