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Insight EU Climate Monitoring 30 November 2022 (PDF)

IEU CLIM 2022-11-30
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  • EU Commission proposes certification of carbon removals to help reach net zero emissions
  • EU Commission: Questions and Answers on EU Certification of Carbon Removals
  • Factsheet - Certification of carbon removals
  • EEA: Methane emissions in the EU: the key to immediate action on climate change
  • EEA: Methane emissions on a downward trend, but accelerated cuts needed to meet EU climate targets
  • Remarks EVP Timmermans on driving net zero in an insecure world at the Principles for Responsible Investment conference
  • Finance durable : la Commission adopte des règles d'information pour les grandes banques sur les risques ESG
  • Governments Step Up Action on Agriculture and Food Security at COP27
  • As the dust settles post-COP27: 10 big strategic issues for 2023 emerge - Carbon Tracker Initiative
  • Triple-Dip La Niña persists, prolonging drought and flooding - World Meteorological Organization
  • The EU Commission appoints Kurt Vandenberghe as new Director-General for its Directorate-General for Climate action
  • COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING DECISION approving the programme “Programme JTF 2021-2027 Netherlands” for support from the Just Transition Fund under the Investment for jobs and growth goal in the Netherlands CCI 2021NL16JTPR001
  • BERICHTIGUNG der Delegierten Verordnung der Kommission vom 21. September 2022 zur Änderung der in der Delegierten Verordnung (EU) 2019/815 festgelegten technischen Regulierungsstandards im Hinblick auf die 2022 vorgenommene Aktualisierung der Taxonomie für das einheitliche elektronische Berichtsformat (C(2022) 6634 final)
  • Proposal for a REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL establishing a Union certification framework for carbon removals
  • COMMISSION STAFF WORKING DOCUMENT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY OF THE IMPACT ASSESSMENT REPORT Accompanying the document Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a Union certification framework for carbon removals

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