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Insight EU Climate Monitoring 9 May 2023 (PDF)

IEU CLIM 2023-5-9
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  • Fit for 55: MEPs boost methane emission reductions from the energy sector
  • Closing keynote EVP Timmermans at the 2023 Future of Finance forum
  • Latest publications by CAN Europe
  • Milas Region Beyond Coal – The potential towards a just energy transition where no one is left behind in Turkey
  • Fears of EU backtracking on cutting methane emissions
  • Solar Energy’s Vital Role in Turkey’s Earthquake Recovery and Reconstruction
  • Forests in the Nature Restoration Law
  • Support a bold EU Methane Regulation away from fossil fuel interests!
  • LETTER to the European Commission: Public Participation in Climate Policies; NECP revision process
  • Public participation in National Energy and Climate Plans: Evidence of weak & uneven compliance in Member States
  • Why adopting the Social Climate Fund is the right choice for the EU
  • No new straightjacket for EU fiscal rules!
  • Looking green, visions of EU economic governance
  • Deutschland und Norwegen vertiefen Partnerschaftsdialog zur Dekarbonisierung der Industrie
  • Projektträgerschaft für das Förderprogramm ,Klimaschutzverträge‘ - BMWK-Ausschreibungen

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