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Insight EU Design Thinking 31 Dec 2021 (PDF)

IEU DESI 2021-12-31
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  • Fit for Future Platform: Better EU law thanks to the assessment of local and regional authorities
  • Quality of regulations depends on local input
  • EU Commission announces winners of the 2021 European Social Innovation Competition
  • EU Commissioner Gabriel in Finland to discuss Europe's innovation ecosystem
  • Regional innovation ecosystems are the key to higher competitiveness and strategic autonomy of European industry
  • 2021: A Year in Review at OPSI
  • OPSI: Experimenting for the Future of Democracy
  • OPSI: The Future of Public Sector Talent Management in Slovenia: Anticipation and Scenarios
  • Tell me how many automated emails you’ll send me - Service Design Magazine
  • New board member at Open Data DK
  • Open Data DK: Easier access to data on shelters, nature parks - and much more
  • Where Preference Testing Goes Wrong (And What We Should Do Instead) -
  • Gender Bias in Artificial Intelligence - Design Thinking on Medium
  • Five things for public sector digital in 2022 -
  • The 17th International ISKO Conference - Aalborg University
  • Call for abstracts to the Nordic Gambling Research Network – Gambling in Context (GAMIC) - Aalborg University
  • Invitation to PhD course on "Researching Memories and Narratives – Intersectional and transnational perspectives" - Aalborg University
  • Dilemmas Emerge in the Liberated Organization - DDC – Danish Design Center
  • A Human Perspective is a Surprisingly Useful Management Principle - DDC – Danish Design Center
  • Podcast: Monica the Design Anthropologist, Who Makes Sustainability Personal - DDC – Danish Design Center
  • Log 4: What does 2500 years of philosophical history have to do with digitalization? - DDC – Danish Design Center
  • Log 3: Can We Put Digital Ethics on a Scale? - DDC – Danish Design Center
  • Learn From the People Behind the Circular Transition - DDC – Danish Design Center
  • Design Can Do A Lot, But Can It Do Everything? - DDC – Danish Design Center
  • SVID: Response - the project that will help companies in the sustainable transition
  • Year 2021: Drones for medical aid and tools for urban developers - Forum Virium Helsinki
  • Gofore is creating Finland’s first ethical capability building model for the technology sector
  • Five statements for sustainable urban mobility — learnings from Finland - Demos Helsinki
  • For blockchain to create trust, we need public governance and regulation - Demos Helsinki
  • Designing policies for a wellbeing economy — learnings from Finland - Demos Helsinki
  • Report Launch: The Shape of Things to Come: The Race to Control Technical Standardisation
  • Design Thinking: A choice of December headlines on Medium
  • Why Insider Point of View in Design?
  • Ironhack Design Thinking Challenge
  • Musings 2021
  • Technology Initiatives — Estimating Known Unknowns : Really — Is that Possible?
  • The fascination of interlocking design
  • Surviving the Pandemic with Empathy
  • Case Study: Enhancing the experience of a terrace.
  • DoorDash: Every Employee a Delivery Driver? Not Quite.
  • Designing the error handling process while Loggin in on Kuda. (A case study)
  • What is Design? Design [dəzajn]
  • Becoming Team Players
  • When I designed for a single user…
  • How to stop being a boring adult and enhance your team’s creativity (II part)
  • Design Thinking : My Journey
  • Case Study: Enhancing the balcony experience using Design Thinking Process.
  • Basic Terminologies every newbie in UX Design should know (Part: 1)
  • Design like you tell a bedtime story
  • Music and mood boards
  • Origami Reinvented
  • Designing With Not For
  • From better products to a better society: designing for the circular economy
  • Agile + Human-Centered Design: Better by Design

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