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Insight EU Energy Monitoring 14 July 2023 (PDF+DOC)

IEU ENER 2023-7-14
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  • ENTSOG opens public stakeholder consultation on its Annual Work Programme (AWP) 2024
  • ACER’s assessment of 400+ energy emergency measures seeks to inform policy makers going forward
  • ACER: ENTSOG’s gas Summer Supply Outlook 2023 finds refilling of EU gas storages is on track
  • CEER: Guide for Communication Specialists of National Authorities and Journalists in the Energy Sector is out!
  • Energy Community Secretariat reviews the decision on setting price caps in the electricity market of Ukraine
  • Secretariat requests decisions by the Ministerial Council for breaches of the Energy Community’s environmental rules in five Contracting Parties
  • Recovery fund: Council greenlights updated national plans for France, Malta, Slovakia and Ireland
  • EU Council Infographic - The REPowerEU plan explained
  • EuroCommerce and the European Consumer Organisation (BEUC) are raising awareness towards consumers to save energy costs
  • Energy products: Commission asks HUNGARY to remove export restrictions related to energy products
  • Radiation protection: Commission calls on SWEDEN to correctly transpose the Euratom Basic Safety Standards Directive
  • Renewable and energy efficiency targets: Commission urges CROATIA, HUNGARY and ROMANIA to submit reports on the achievement of 2020 targets
  • Internal energy market: Commission urges CROATIA, ITALY, LATVIA, LITHUANIA and SLOVAKIA to fully transpose EU rules on the internal electricity market
  • Energy Performance of Buildings: Commission urges MALTA to fully transpose the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
  • Renewable energy: Commission urges CZECHIA to fully transpose the Renewable Energy Directive
  • Latest hydrogen industries headlines
  • The Future of Energy: Commercial Scale Hydrogen
  • Low-Carbon Hydrogen Market to Hit $130B By 2033
  • Nikola And Bayotech Partner To Advance Zero-Emission Hydrogen Delivery
  • Flemish ports acquire European Hydrogen Valley status
  • Origin Energy gets USD 48 mn govt funding to develop hydrogen project
  • Nikola and BayoTech partner to advance hydrogen delivery
  • Australia-Plug Power to supply two 5 MW PEM electrolysers for Australian green hydrogen projects
  • Solar factory 'reshoring' boost as EU splashes $4bn in grants for green power and hydrogen
  • Into the hydrogen age: Bosch starts volume production of its fuel-cell power module
  • Nikola (NKLA) Stock Shoots 60% on Securing Deal of Hydrogen-Powered Trucks
  • EverWind, 8 others get shortlisted in Canadian wind-hydrogen call
  • Ohmium and Aquastill in collaboration to produce green hydrogen from seawater
  • Ohmium and Aquastill form strategic collaboration to produce green hydrogen from seawater
  • Shapps has ‘moral duty’ to explain hydrogen stance
  • DESFA announces $1.12bn hydrogen pipeline
  • BayoTech orders 50 fuel cell trucks from Nikola to carry hydrogen
  • Hamburg Airport announces another hydrogen project
  • Next Hydrogen’s Mike Pyle Resigns from Board
  • Follow-Up Order from European Aviation Startup for Hydrogen-Electric Powered Aircraft
  • Answer to a written question - Framework to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy - E-001494/2023(ASW)
  • Answer to a written question - Taking civil society’s views and concerns into account in renewable energy projects - E-001674/2023(ASW)
  • Answer to a written question - Natural gas as a solution to the energy crisis - E-001668/2023(ASW)
  • PE 15 2023 INIT DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on energy efficiency and amending Regulation (EU) 2023/955 (recast)

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