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Insight EU Energy Monitoring 17 March 2023 (PDF)

IEU ENER 2023-3-17
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  • GSR 2023 Launch: 30 March – REN21
  • Statement by President von der Leyen at the joint press conference with Norwegian Prime Minister Støre, NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg and CEO Opedal
  • Latest hydrogen headlines
  • HE, HER and EURAMET sign MoU
  • IED inclusion will harm H2 future
  • Belgian H2 Council formed
  • First pillars raised for green industrial plan
  • Net-Zero Industry for EU manufacturing
  • Critical Raw Materials Act to unlock green revolution
  • New state aid measures: a boost for H2 tech and deployment
  • Electric, Hydrogen Power Offers Alternatives at CONEXPO 2023
  • Ports of LA, Long Beach Join Bid to Be Hydrogen Fuel Hub
  • Q&A: Mitsubishi Power Americas Aims for Ambitious Hydrogen Storage Hub
  • Green Hydrogen: IDTechEx Asks if It Can Be Cost Competitive
  • Hydrogen-based thermal power produced using aluminum scrap
  • DNV Study Shows High Offshore Hydrogen Infrastructure Potential For Europe
  • In focus: A case for a European offshore hydrogen backbone
  • Escorts Kubota finds good scope for hydrogen tech in construction equipment segment
  • US provides US$750m funding for clean hydrogen research and development
  • LRQA India improves its footprint in 'green' hydrogen
  • Wingcopter and ZAL to Develop Hydrogen Power for Delivery Drones
  • A summary of the proposal for a reform of the EU electricity market - Florence School of Regulation
  • ST 7455 2023 INIT Electricity Market Design - Policy debate
  • The Electricity Market Design Revision and the European Commission’s Work on Energy Storage - EASE
  • IAEA to Host Joint 8th and 9th Review Meeting of the Convention on Nuclear Safety
  • EU Commission clears creation of joint venture by Orlen and SGE
  • Issues in Focus: Inflation Reduction Act Cases in the AEO2023 - U.S. EIA
  • Germany denies advantages of Part III under Article 17 of the ECT - Energy Charter
  • Situationsbericht Lage der Gasversorgung in Deutschland (Stand 17. März 2023) - Bundesnetzagentur
  • DRAFT MOTION FOR A RESOLUTION on the Commission delegated regulation of 10 February 2023 supplementing Directive (EU) 2018/2001 of the European Parliament and of the Council by establishing a Union methodology setting out detailed rules for the production of renewable liquid and gaseous transport fuels of non-biological origin - PE745.350v01-00

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