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Insight EU Energy Monitoring 21 June 2023 (PDF+DOC)

IEU ENER 2023-6-21
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  • Taxonomy: EU General Court dismisses as inadmissible the action of an MEP challenging the EU Commission's regulation on the sustainability of certain economic activities relating to fossil gas and nuclear energy
  • State aid: Commission approves €1.1 billion Hungarian scheme to support electricity storage facilities to foster the transition to a net-zero economy
  • IEA-IFC Joint Report Calls for Ramping Up Clean Energy Investments in Emerging and Developing Economies
  • Webinar: What do Europeans know about hydrogen technologies? A state of play of public awareness, acceptance and uptake of hydrogen technologies
  • Latest reports on hydrogen industries
  • Unlocking Green Energy: The Promising Future of Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Destinus Reveals Hydrogen-Fueled Supersonic Prototype at Paris Air Show
  • HVS highlights staggering impact of replacing London’s diesel and petrol commercial freight vehicles with hydrogen-electric trucks
  • South Africa partners with Dutch, Danish govts on green hydrogen fund
  • MTU Aero Engines and MT Aerospace develop fuel system for liquid hydrogen
  • Schneider Electric and H2-Enterprises Join Forces to Advance Clean Hydrogen Solutions for Buildings in the Middle East and Africa
  • CEVA Logistics and Toyota Motor Europe to test hydrogen fuel cell truck
  • Genevos Receives Hydrogen Breakthrough Technology of the Year Award
  • What can Asian countries teach the rest of the world about financing hydrogen development?
  • PV Hardware inks 3GW solar tracker deal with Saudi green hydrogen project
  • World Hydrogen North America - Post Event Report Now Available!
  • HVS Highlights Staggering Impact of Replacing London’s Diesel and Petrol Commercial Freight Vehicles with Hydrogen-Electric Trucks
  • New York Power Authority Receives National Energy Innovator Award for Hydrogen Retrofit Project
  • Update 167 – IAEA Director General Statement on Situation in Ukraine
  • BDEW zur Anhörung zum Gebäudeenergiegesetz
  • Expertenanhörung: VKU zum so genannten Heizungsgesetz
  • VKU begrüßt Geywitz-Vorschlag für flächendeckende Wärmeplanung
  • Council Implementing Decision (EU) 2023/1197 of 19 June 2023 authorising Poland to apply reduced rates of excise duty to heavy fuel oil, natural gas, coal and coke, used as heating fuels, in accordance with Article 19 of Directive 2003/96/EC

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