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Insight EU Energy Monitoring 22 February 2023 (PDF)

IEU ENER 2023-2-22
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  • EU Commission wraps up project with the International Energy Agency that helped Member States curb their reliance on Russia's fossil fuels
  • Supporting REPowerEU: affordable, secure and sustainable energy for Europe
  • Eurostat: EU gas consumption decreased by 19%
  • DLR-Institutsdirektor Agert in Gremium zur Strommarktreform berufen
  • DIW: Europäische Zentralbank kann mit Leitzinserhöhung die Energiepreise senken
  • Batteries Regulation Briefing - EASE
  • Towards an EU Roadmap for Hydrogen Valleys – Regional actors and their role: double the number of valleys by 2025 and build-up skills workshop
  • Bundesregierung: Mehr Schub für Brennstoffzellen und grünen Wasserstoff
  • Latest hydrogen headlines
  • Nikola adds to its initial network of planned hydrogen stations in California
  • Nikola announces additional HYLA branded hydrogen refueling station in California
  • DNV Begins Phase Two of Offshore Hydrogen Pipeline Project H2Pipe
  • UK government grants £3.8m for world’s first liquid hydrogen autonomous vessel and infrastructure project
  • Forvia plots major hydrogen growth in North America
  • Sinopec inaugurates green hydrogen plant with 270MW of PV
  • Philadelphia Solar panels to be used on solar + green hydrogen project in Texas
  • Sinopec launches USD-835m green hydrogen demo in Inner Mongolia
  • We need all colours of hydrogen, says German finance minister
  • UK hydrogen project moves ahead
  • Plug Power partners on 25MW electrolyser
  • Green H2 capacity surged in 2022
  • LeasePlan and the Secretariat sign a grant agreement under Ukraine Energy Support Fund
  • Habeck besichtigt Projekte der Energiewende in der Lausitz
  • Minister Habeck gibt Startschuss für Reallabor der Energiewende in Spreetal/Spremberg
  • DIW: Deutschlands Gasversorgung gesichert, kein weiterer Ausbau von LNG-Terminals nötig
  • Statistiken ausgewählter erneuerbarer Energieträger zur Stromerzeugung – Dezember 2022
  • COMMISSION DECISION on the signing on behalf of the European Commission of the Joint Declaration on Hydrogen Valleys - Moving the hydrogen economy from niche to scale

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