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Insight EU Energy Monitoring 23 March 2023 (PDF + DOCX)

IEU ENER 2023-3-23
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  • European Council conclusions, 23 March 2023
  • EU Parliament: The Revision of the Third Energy Package for Gas
  • CEER Report on Tendering Procedures for Renewable Energy Sources in Europe
  • E-fuels likely to remain scarce for a long time: PIK analysis paper - Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
  • Germany: EIB co-finances large offshore wind farm in the North Sea with EnBW
  • Offshore-Windpark Kaskasi geht an den Start – Habeck reist nach Hamburg
  • The Clean Aviation Joint Undertaking and the Clean Hydrogen Joint Undertaking strengthen cooperation on research and innovation in hydrogen-powered aviation
  • World Energy Council: Hydrogen and its derivatives in practice - German and Indian perspectives on opportunities and challenges
  • Latest hydrogen headlines
  • There’s a simpler answer to ‘Oumuamua’s weird orbit: Outgassing hydrogen
  • Verde Hydrogen announces certification of its containerized electrolyzer
  • Amplus Solar inks MoU to set up green hydrogen plants in India’s Andhra Pradesh
  • SunHydrogen’s CEO gives update on the firm’s nanoparticle-based green hydrogen tech
  • ERDC-CERL to test new hydrogen electrolyzer technology
  • Report states Finnish region could produce 10% of EU green hydrogen
  • Ceres collaborates with Bosch and Linde Engineering on a 1MW green hydrogen demo
  • Chilean steel producer CAP to rely on green hydrogen to produce sustainable steel
  • Chile’s top steel producer bets on green hydrogen
  • Hydrogen blending exceeds expectations in WEC Energy Group test of Wärtsilä gas-fired engine
  • L&T signs pact with French firm McPhy Energy to explore green hydrogen market
  • DOE reports say cumulative investment in hydrogen, nuclear and long-duration energy storage must increase to $300B by 2030
  • WPIC expects up to $300bn of investments in green hydrogen by 2030
  • Hyundai, Advent sign joint development agreement
  • Agreement reached on FuelEU Maritime
  • Know-How für die Wärmewende: Förderrichtlinie des BMWK für das Aufbauprogramm Wärmepumpe veröffentlicht
  • Bundesförderung Aufbauprogramm Wärmepumpe (BAW)
  • Bundesnetzagentur: Situationsbericht Lage der Gasversorgung in Deutschland (Stand 23. März 2023)
  • COMMISSION DECISION approving, on behalf of the European Union, the extension of the International Energy Agency Implementing Agreement on Ocean Energy Systems and the International Energy Agency Implementing Agreement on Photovoltaic Power Systems, and the amendment and extension of the International Energy Agency Implementing Agreement on Geothermal Energy Research and Technology and the International Energy Agency Implementing Agreement on Concentrating Solar Power and Chemical Energy Systems

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