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Insight EU Energy Monitoring 29 August 2023 (PDF)

IEU ENER 2023-08-29
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  • ACER consults on the harmonised allocation rules for long-term electricity transmission rights
  • Workshop on Data Exchange & Cybersecurity in the energy sector
  • IAEA: Sweden’s Plan to Expand Nuclear Power in Focus During First Visit by Director General Grossi
  • Implementing Clean Energy Transitions
  • Build Better Lives: Lift millions of Europeans out of energy poverty
  • Applicant for production licenses on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
  • Latest hydrogen industries headlines
  • DNV Releases Guidelines to Validate Low Carbon and Renewable Hydrogen and Ammonia Attribute Claims
  • First Hydrogen begins trials of vehicle delivery fleet powered by hydrogen fuel cells
  • Second van gets JCB hydrogen treatment
  • bp awards Technip Energies significant contract for hydrogen production at Kwinana biorefinery
  • Sugar Valley Energy and STARS Technology Corp. team on hydrogen production
  • ZeroAvia presents dedicated compressor for hydrogen aircrafts
  • This is how Oman can become a clean hydrogen producing powerhouse
  • Technip Energies Awarded Hydrogen Production Contract for BP Biorefinery
  • Water Woes Cloud Green Hydrogen's Future In The Middle East
  • Chandrayaan-3 Rover Confirms Presence Of Sulphur, Search For Hydrogen Underway: ISRO
  • Hyster ships hydrogen fuel cell ReachStacker to the Port of Valencia
  • Answer to a written question - Compatibility of German electricity subsidies with European State aid law - E-001859/2023(ASW)
  • COMMISSION STAFF WORKING DOCUMENT Regulatory learning in the EU Guidance on regulatory sandboxes, testbeds, and living labs in the EU, with a focus section on energy

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