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Insight EU Energy Monitoring 29 November 2022 (PDF)

IEU ENER 2022-11-29
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  • IEA Report on Energy Efficiency 2022
  • Webinar: Will Solar Offer Africa the Best Economic Opportunity in the Energy Transition - Carbon Tracker Initiative
  • IEA: Northwest European Hydrogen Monitor
  • Latest hydrogen headlines
    • £7.7M award for H2-Uranium storage
    • ‘Photocatalytics’ provides ammonia breakthrough
    • Jorgo Chatzimarkakis in Hynovations
    • Manchester Airport plans direct H2 pipeline
    • JU, Innovation Council, EISMEA in H2 collab
    • Rolls-Royce and easyJet run aero engine on hydrogen
    • Rolls-Royce Develops World’s First Hydrogen-Fueled Aircraft Engine
    • Rolls-Royce, EasyJet fire up first hydrogen-fueled jet engine
    • Rolls-Royce and EasyJet mark first run of modern aero engine on hydrogen
    • Rolls-Royce Successfully Tests Hydrogen-Powered Jet Engine
    • Windcat and Damen develop “future-proof” hydrogen-fueled CSOVs
    • Windcat orders hydrogen CSOVs at Damen
    • Windcat Orders Two Hydrogen-powerd CSOVs from Damen Shipyards
    • Fusion Fuel and Electus Energy to develop 75MW Californian solar-to-hydrogen plant
    • Fusion Fuel and Electus Energy announce exclusive agreement to develop a 75 MW green hydrogen project in California
    • Fusion Fuel and Electus Energy to develop 75 MW green hydrogen project in Bakersfield, California; Fusion Fuel’s first US project
    • Saudi ACWA's $7bn hydrogen plan to unleash Thailand's green power potential
    • World’s first test run of a hydrogen jet engine a success
    • Ask HN: How innovative is the hydrogen industry?
    • Sasol focusing on three green-hydrogen clusters in South Africa
    • Amplats progressing with Hydrogen Valley value addition
    • CMB’s Windcat steps into CSOV arena with hydrogen-powered series at Damen
    • Westwood Names Director of Hydrogen
    • South Africa unveils R300bn green-hydrogen pipeline as its states ambition to be ‘destination ...
    • Manchester to become first UK airport with direct supply of hydrogen fuel
    • UK consortium awarded £7.7 million to develop hydrogen storage using depleted uranium
    • Everything you need to know about hydrogen in the clean energy transition
    • Meridian taps Woodside as hydrogen partner
  • Secretariat contributes to the conference on ‘Energy Sufficiency and Saving’ organised by the Energy Regulatory Commission and National Dispatch Center of Mongolia and The Global Green Growth Institute
  • Deputy Secretary-General attends the high-level event “Strengthening Disaster and Climate Resilience in Central Asia”
  • OPINION on the proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on the energy performance of buildings (recast) - PE731.545v03-00
  • Draft agenda - Monday, 5 December 2022 - PE739.565v01-00 - Committee on Industry, Research and Energy
  • Minutes - Monday, 3 October 2022 - PE737.439v01-00 - Committee on Industry, Research and Energy
  • Minutes - Tuesday, 4 October 2022 - PE737.271v01-00 - Committee on Industry, Research and Energy

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