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Insight EU Energy Monitoring 31 August 2023 (PDF)

IEU ENER 2023-08-31
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    • EU Building Stock Observatory: monitoring the energy performance of buildings across Europe
    • CEER at the 8th World Forum on Energy Regulation
    • CEER upcoming events
    • EDSO: OneNet: Guidelines for interoperability in DSO data exchanges for flexibility
    • NextGenerationEU: Greece submits request to modify recovery and resilience plan and add a REPowerEU chapter
    • The Nordic Electricity Market Forum 2023
    • Nordic Energy Publication: Energy Communities
    • Project: MatHias at the Nordic Hydrogen Valleys Conference 2023
    • Latest hydrogen industries headlines
    • Port of Valencia welcomes first hydrogen-powered container stacker in Europe
    • Transportation’s next frontier: Building the nation’s first passenger rail system powered with green hydrogen
    • James Cropper claims breakthrough in hydrogen energy technology
    • New Pipeline Will Accelerate Scotland’s Green Hydrogen Export Potential
    • CB&I Receives Approval for Liquid Hydrogen Cargo Containment System For Gas Carriers From DNV
    • Notice: Hydrogen Business Model and Net Zero Hydrogen Fund: Electrolytic Allocation Round 2022 (closed to applications)
    • Plastic Omnium to Set Up Largest Hydrogen Storage Production Plant in Michigan
    • Hyundai aims to produce clean hydrogen from food waste
    • Ovako set to inaugurate hydrogen plant at its mill in Sweden
    • Nu:ionic Technologies, Liberty ink MoU for hydrogen production equipment
    • Swiss company Groupe E produces its first green hydrogen molecules
    • 'Crown lands' approval lends momentum for Canada-Germany green hydrogen export plans
    • Yogi Adityanath asks officials to start work on state green hydrogen policy
    • Canadian Engineers' 'Revolutionary' Hydrogen Breakthrough
    • IAEA Director General Grossi Sees “Impressive” Work in Sweden to Store Spent Nuclear Fuel Deep Underground
    • Energy Community: Winter is coming: Reviewing Ukrainian gas storage and transmission systems under stress scenarios
    • dena Energiewende-Kongress 2023 „konsequent umsetzen – gemeinsam“
    • Prüfbehörden für die Energiepreisbremsen stehen fest
    • BDEW zu den Eckpunkten zur Erhöhung des Eigenkapital-Zinssatzes: Netzbetreiber brauchen einen verlässlichen und wettbewerbsfähigen Regulierungsrahmen
    • Einladung zum Jubiläumsempfang: "100 Jahre Weltenergierat – Deutschland"
    • CM 4074 2023 INIT - Working Party on Energy
    • CM 4075 2023 INIT - Working Party on Energy
    • Draft agenda - Thursday, 7 September 2023 - PE752.774v01-00 - Committee on Industry, Research and Energy

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