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Insight EU Smart Cities Monitoring 10 June 2022 (PDF)

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  • The Rural Pact conference
  • Video message by Commissioner Elisa Ferreira at the International Congress "Regeneration of Cities”, Lodz
  • EU islands: MEPs ask for targeted regional policy
  • Main results of the General Affairs Council (Cohesion), 2 June 2022
  • First-ever New European Bauhaus Festival starts today in Brussels and around Europe
  • Speech by President von der Leyen at the Opening Session of the Conference "Reconstructing the Future for People and Planet – a New European Bauhaus Initiative", organised by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences.
  • Regions and cities still have little say in post-COVID 19 recovery plans, a new consultation warns
  • Executive Vice-President Timmermans in Finland for the Eurocities 2022 Conference and to discuss the Green Deal with government, stakeholders and civil society
  • The countdown is on – Eurocities 2022 Espoo, 8-10 June
  • Espoo: The Eurocities annual conference in June is held in cooperation with our partners
  • Cities sharing to improve users’ experience
  • Digital connectivity is essential for the EU’s Long-Term Vision for Rural Areas
  • Helping cities shift mobility behaviour through digital nudging – lessons from a year into the DyMoN project - Open & Agile Smart Cities
  • Smart Mobility: Latest publications by Eltis
  • Finland sets up working group for development of alternative fuel infrastructure
  • New report on public transport research and innovation in Europe
  • City districts in Prague are receiving support to improve transport infrastructure
  • Road accidents rising in Belgium post Covid
  • Spanish Sustainable Mobility Law makes progress
  • Gothenburg focusing on reducing emissions from waste collection
  • Konya prepares its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan
  • Ireland reduces public transport fares nationally
  • Registration for Urban Mobility Days Conference is open
  • Same, but different – The SUMP Platform Coordinating Group
  • CityConsult Agency fosters city exchange, advice & good practice
  • 118 regions and local authorities join the EU Mission for Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Green and blue infrastructure empowers local governments to design the high-quality integrated urban systems of tomorrow - JPI Urban Europe
  • Cities are like people: an efficient metabolism is essential for a vibrant, resilient and healthy existence - JPI Urban Europe
  • Call for technical assistance under the Energy Communities Repository
  • Join the Cities Energy Saving Sprint
  • 7 Ways US Cities Can Make Clean Energy Initiatives More Equitable - WRI - World Resources Institute
  • The importance of modeling for distributed energy success - Microgrid Knowledge
  • Bund und Länder geben Startschuss für das Gemeinsame Kompetenzzentrum Bevölkerungsschutz
  • Ralph Tiesler wird neuer Präsident des Bundesamts für Bevölkerungsschutz und Katastrophenhilfe
  • Forum Virium: Co-Creating future smart city solutions with projects
  • BEYOND – Big data platform towards strengthening the building and energy market value chain
  • Mobility Lab Helsinki is a testbed for smart mobility innovations
  • Senior Safety project tests monitoring systems for the living environments of the elderly
  • REDI SOTE to accelerate utilisation of innovations in social welfare and health care sector
  • DOT – Developing digital skills as part of work activities
  • DVECE: residents to provide feedback on mobility through the Helsinki 3D model
  • SPOTTED promotes the utilisation of satellite data in city planning
  • Sustainable Growth for Tourism: Southern Finland project supports the recovery and strengthens the competitiveness of tourism companies
  • Circular Green Blocks bringing sustainable solutions to blocks and housing companies
  • AutoMod – Autonomous modulars combine automated mobility with robotics
  • IRIS – Artificial Intelligence threat Reporting and Incident response System
  • IoT-NGIN – Next Generation IoT as part of Next Generation Internet
  • LiiDi2 – The mobility digital twin paves the way for new services
  • Logistics Accessibility Data – Better Transport Services With Data
  • Nordic Healthy Cities – Piloting solutions for healthy urban life
  • The AiRMOUR project increases urban air mobility competence
  • Helsinki Innovation Districts: smart city development expanding to Malmi, Pasila, Malminkartano-Kannelmäki and Mellunkylä
  • The Synergy project creates a European-wide Big Data platform for processing and utilising electricity domain data
  • RIDE2RAIL – expanding ride sharing offering by data integration to compliment public transport
  • SmashHit – solving the consumer consent and data security for connected car and Smart City
  • Urbanite – Integrating data into mobility planning
  • B.Green project researches new solutions for green infrastructure and associated digital tools for supporting cityplanning
  • iTrack solution enabling real–time monitoring of the rail network
  • Last Mile Autonomous Delivery (LMAD) pilots autonomous delivery robot
  • The FinEst Twins takes the smart city know-how and cooperation of Helsinki and Tallinn to the next level
  • Mission Zero Foodprint
  • CroBoDDIT – development of disruptive technologies in urban infrastructures utilising the expertise of local companies
  • AI4Cities – AI accelerating Cities transition to carbon neutrality
  • Nordic Urban Labs
  • AI4EU – building the European AI on-demand platform
  • Significant EU funding for the city of Espoo to combine exercise, sports and digitalisation – new ways for hobbies and experiences for Espoo residents
  • Digital Twin Adoption in Cities - Smart Cities Council
  • Seven Major Themes in State and Local Contracting for 2022 - Smart Cities Council
  • Latest headlines by Next City
  • 11 Podcasts for People Who Love Cities
  • New Digital Atlas Hopes to Demystify Urban Zoning
  • Housing in Brief: Good Cause Eviction Bill Fails in New York
  • Tenants in L.A. Asked the City to Buy Their Building. Surprisingly, the City Agreed
  • Hear Us: Public Banking for Racial Justice
  • When Preserving Affordable Housing Is Cheaper Than Building It
  • Is It Time to Reimagine the American Schoolyard?
  • The Fintech Company Helping Black-Led Banks Provide Small-Business Loans
  • How a Majority BIPOC Worker Co-Op Is Disrupting the Field of Therapy
  • In Durham, Police Will No Longer Be the Only First Responders for Mental Health Emergencies
  • Are Elected Boards the Ticket to Better Transit?
  • Economics in Brief: California Reparations Task Force Calls for Housing and Tuition Support
  • German Artists Are Selling Their Work to Fund Housing for the Homeless
  • How an Experimental Service in a Library Prevents Incarceration
  • Building Transportation Equity in the Car-Centric South
  • Reforestation Hubs Are Saving Urban Trees From Heading to Landfills
  • Make Electric Vehicles Affordable for the Rest of Us
  • Housing in Brief: New Yorkers Support Good Cause Eviction
  • How a Simple Rental Registry in Chicago Could Limit Widespread Housing Scams
  • How CDFIs Can Help Build L.A.’s Future
  • As Absenteeism Skyrockets, Schools Get Creative About Luring Back Lost Students
  • UCLG: A Survey to Gather Visions and Inputs on the Global Goal on Culture
  • How to Invest in Smart City Infrastructure – IoT.Business.News
  • Smart City Testbed Launches New Smart Poles in Virginia - Inside Towers
  • Global Smart Cities headlines
  • NRM’s new exhibition to showcase future rail technology
  • India's indigenous drones set to take flight but concerns remain: Experts
  • Neighborhoods Watched: The Rise of Urban Mass Surveillance (2021)
  • Business 101: Adani’s self-seller self-consumer model is simply phenomenal
  • Smart cities in Japan
  • Urban facilities, utilities not child-friendly: Experts
  • Country in middle of revolution with life-changing govt schemes: S Jaishankar
  • Cloud-based Video Analytics changing face of real-time video analysis, facial recognition
  • HCM City to host data summit
  • The updated rules you should know before buying in a complex or estate in South Africa
  • Singapore looks forward to closer bilateral cooperation with Japan in post-COVID era: PM Lee
  • Why Apple hasn’t revealed their rumored AR/VR headset
  • Ladakh LG discusses NEP, JJM, Smart City Project
  • Council provides political guidance on international cooperation, open science and European missions
  • Cyber threat intelligence: Exploring attack forms - Ericsson
  • How to Invest in Smart City Infrastructure
  • Urban Decarbonization Strategies and the Role of Smart Cities
  • Smart Cities Summit | Is Africa ready to adopt smart cities
  • Sanral to introduce one ticket system for all public transport, tolling
  • “Make our communities better through data”: The moral economy of smart city labor
  • How Can Cities and Local Governments Leverage Low-Code To Overcome Their Biggest Challenges
  • Building The Connected Energy And Water Future
  • Metro Iloilo-Guimaras gears to become ‘Smart Metro’
  • Global experts to shine light on new technologies and Sydney's future
  • Sensors, Vol. 22, Pages 4390: The Smart in Smart Cities: A Framework for Image Classification Using Deep Learning
  • Aetina Launches New High-Performance MegaEdge for Use of AI Inference
  • Blockchain in Action: AI, IoT Make Cities Run Better, Faster, Cheaper
  • Excerpts from interview with Japan's PM Kishida
  • World Reimagined: The Potential of Smart Cities
  • Council unanimously approves contempt charges for two Cantrell officials for failing to respond to ‘smart cities’ subpoenas
  • Viewpoint: Are there secrets in the Smart Cities documents Cantrell would prefer to hide?
  • IIoT Sensors announces Grand Challenge
  • Smart Cities Council and Digital Twin Consortium partner to support cities
  • City of York using real-time modeling to tackle congestion and pollution
  • Smart governance in Asean’s growing cities
  • 5 Ways Smart Cities Use Data—and 4 Ways to Keep That Data Secure
  • Stafford County and VIPC Celebrate the Success of the Virginia Smart Community Testbed
  • Developer plans smart city within Johannesburg
  • Systems, Vol. 10, Pages 77: Smart Cities from the Perspective of Systems
  • Urban affairs ministry programme aims to upskill 5,000 professionals to lead climate action
  • While Excitement About Smart Cities Is In The Air, Infrastructure Safety Should Not Be Forgotten
  • What Will Happen to Personal Property in America?
  • Radiocom to launch national LoRaWAN for smart cities
  • The mechanics of non-human personas

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