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Insight EU Smart Cities Monitoring 11 April 2022 (PDF)

IEU SC 2022-4-11
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  • New European Bauhaus: support to cities and citizens for local initiatives
  • New European Bauhaus: EU Commission launches ‘NEB LAB' with new projects and call for Friends
  • ZIA on the New European Bauhaus
  • Ukrainian refugees: EU Commission want to make easier and quicker for Member States to use cohesion funding to support immediate needs
  • Launch of the new Interreg Aurora programme - video message
  • EU cohesion policy: Commission adopts the first Interreg cooperation programmes for the 2021-2027 period worth more than €481 million
  • URBACT City Festival 2022: a carbon-neutral challenge
  • Smart Cities Marketplace Forum, 26 & 27 April 2022
  • The 3rd World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments
  • Pilot Action on Partnerships for Regional Innovation: Your region can apply now
  • JRC ELISE: Regional and local data-driven innovation through collective intelligence and sandboxing - Open & Agile Smart Cities
  • Bitkom: Großstädte bauen digitale Bezahlangebote für kommunale Services aus
  • Bitkom: Digitale Angebote machen Innenstädte attraktiver
  • Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Enhance Public Safety and Justice Outcomes
  • Transport infrastructure: projects receive EUR 425 million in EU funding to boost green mobility and to adapt the network for dual civil/defence use
  • Enhancing SUMPs through transition pathways and implementation strategies
  • Data-driven decision support tools for Urban Freight Transport planning
  • Kassel, Rethymno, Tampere and Valongo win the European sustainable urban mobility awards
  • How can robotic automobiles help the future of public transportation in Tampere?
  • Smart Mobility: Latest publications by Eltis
  • The European Commission seeks perspectives on potential measures surrounding access to in-vehicle data
  • Brussels air quality initiative highlights differences in air pollution between rich and poor
  • Japanese translation of the SUMP guidelines now available
  • Osijek invests €35 million to modernise public transport
  • European cities significantly affected by noise pollution, study shows
  • Commission revamps EAFO–EU database for alternative fuels infrastructure
  • Current Safety-Critical Scenarios for Car-to-Cyclist crashes in the EU
  • Meet the ULaaDS Follower Cities: Milan, Gdynia, Leuven & Helmond
  • Public University of Navarra uses microgrid with renewable energy to charge buses
  • Exploring the City of Mechelen's current mobility strategy
  • Winners of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Awards have been announced
  • Road safety in the EU: fatalities in 2021 remain well below pre-pandemic level
  • Bulgaria plans to expand its EV charging network over the next five years
  • Poland is to co-finance SUMPs for medium sized cities
  • Leuven's journey to climate neutrality through mobility
  • UN adopts resolution promoting bicycles to combat climate change
  • The e-course on energy-efficient public transport infrastructure is launched
  • Logistics stakeholder engagement – Civitas FastTrack Capacity Building Week
  • The most common crash scenarios involving small & large motorcycles
  • Six solutions for city authorities to help us all waste less food - Urbact
  • UNECE: Forum of Mayors pushes forward new multilateralism, connecting cities’ experience, creativity and solidarity for sustainable development
  • Destination Earth – new digital twin of the Earth will help tackle climate change and protect nature
  • EU Commission background on Destination Earth
  • Living-in.EU provides a global example for people-centred approach to smart communities - United Nations report on urbanisation
  • The 4th Call for Active and Healthy Ageing Reference Sites is now open
  • AI4Cities to test AI for reducing CO2 emissions in European cities - Finnish companies well represented among the selected
  • Sustainable sharing – looking for solutions for housing companies
  • Bundesinnenministerin übernimmt Schirmherrschaft für Alliance4Ukraine
  • EU-Regeln gelten ab Juni: Terrorpropaganda muss innerhalb einer Stunde nach Aufforderung des BKA gelöscht werden
  • Bitkom zu New Work: Die Hälfte der Deutschen arbeitet im Homeoffice
  • Digitalisierung der Gesundheitsämter: Forschungsgruppe stellt neues Instrument für den digitalen Ausbau bereit
  • Erstes Blockchain.NRW-Community-Treffen mit großem Erfolg durchgeführt
  • CCS opens Digital Specialists and Programmes procurement framework
  • UK announces £2.5 million to help disabled people use public transport
  • Government Business Services to run process mining for automation in Civil Service
  • How do you see the future of hybrid working?
  • UK commissioner shows concern on police guidance on live facial recognition
  • Goldacre report makes recommendations for data analysis in healthcare
  • MoJ launches online service for subject access requests
  • MOBI Weekly Bulletin: Smart City challenges
  • Latest headlines by Next City
  • How Can ‘Sponge Cities’ Use Nature to Tackle Climate-Fuelled Floods?
  • Economics in Brief: Philadelphia Says No to CityCoin
  • Housing Briefs: LA Settlement Could Increase Shelter Spending to $3 Billion
  • Brooklyn Tenants of Neglected Building Push for Community Control
  • Philly Fund Looks to Diversify the Construction Industry
  • Test Plots in Los Angeles Parks Grow More Than Native Crops: A Community of People Who Care
  • Bringing Community Power to the Mostly Hidden World of Donor-Advised Funds
  • Two Years After Tornado, Nashville Is Rebuilding With Equity in Mind
  • The Secret Behind Wichita’s Success With Emergency Housing Vouchers
  • The Next Frontier in Medicine: Doctors With Climate Training
  • Economics in Brief: California Will Give Reparations to Descendants of Slaves
  • The E-Trike Armada Propelling a Net-Zero Dream
  • Sponsored: City Parks Alliance Focuses on Greater & Greener Equity
  • Housing Briefs: NYC Mayor Announces Encampment Sweeps
  • Places of Worship Tackle the Affordable Housing Shortage
  • Hear Us: The Climate Crisis Demands Race-Intentional Co-Governance
  • Meet the Black Women Behind the New Digital Startups Aimed at Reducing Health Disparities
  • City Leaders Look to Prisoners for Answers to Violence
  • At These Health Centers, a Physical Comes With Housing Resources
  • A Recipe to Build Accessible Space for Food Businesses in a Redlined Neighborhood
  • Cultivating Trees and a Juster Future in San Francisco
  • Camden, Newark & Baltimore Lead in Building Equitable Access to Urban Tree Canopy
  • How Detroit Artists Are Shaping Their City and Being Shaped by It
  • Using a Land Trust to Right Interstate Wrongs in the Twin Cities
  • Economics in Brief: Uber Strikes Deal With NYC Cabs to Improve User Experience
  • Parents Need Help Driving Their Kids. This Mom Has an App for That
  • Housing Briefs: Federal Government Moves Eviction Funds to States in Need
  • Habitat Net Zero: An Ambitious Plan to Rehab Abandoned Buildings in Queens
  • What Is the True Impact of Your Organization?
  • Share Meals: An Efficient App Addresses Food Insecurity
  • A Virtuous Cash Grab: Albion Shows How Small Towns Can Thrive
  • How a $266 Million Fund Aims to Help Native American Farmers
  • This Baltimore Developer Is Breaking Down Barriers to Rebuild Communities
  • Welcome to Your Friendly Neighborhood Mental Health Center
  • Low-Income Students Need More Than a Good Education
  • Global Smart Cities headlines
  • Tackling The Manufacturing Labor Challenge: How Smart Technology Plays A Key Role In Attracting Millennial And Gen-Z Workers
  • Smart governance system for real time monitoring of services in urban areas of the State
  • NIST Aims to Help Cities Assess How ‘Smart’ They Are
  • T.N. govt. to audit Smart City projects in 11 cities
  • Aging in place can be so much easier with smart home technology
  • Securing Smart Cities: Three Questions To Ask Your Local Leaders
  • 6 Ways In Which Blockchain Makes Your Smart City Even Smarter
  • How 4 US cities are building resilience by focusing on clean energy, innovation, and smart infrastructure
  • 5G Smart City End-Through-End Visibility - Download the Infographic
  • A visit to the largest single smart greenhouse in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area
  • Dan Evans, Itron Senior Director of Smart Cities, on the Chicago smart lighting project
  • China: Smart agricultural technologies make vegetables ‘greener’
  • Africa: Making Smart Investments In Smart City Projects
  • Spain’s Fuengirola embarks on smart city transformation
  • Bhopal will be first 5G-enabled smart city in India, says MP govt
  • Asia: How to build better cybersecurity for smart cities
  • Long Beach: Smart city pilots target workflow, analysis challenges
  • Smart City Thiruvananthapuram to introduce e-ticketing and surveillance cams in RTC buses
  • This Korean smart city is a testing ground for robots, AR, and AI
  • A look at an experiment in Busan, South Korea, where 54 households are sharing data about sleep, trash, and more to help build a smart city with 30K homes (David Belcher/New York Times)
  • In Busan, A Smart City Built on Data Takes Shape
  • 5G and 6G networks to give first responders and smart city projects a boost, researchers say
  • In 2022, Pittsburgh will break ground on a smart city plan over six years in the making
  • The modern database that can help governments build smart cities
  • Taipei: Two more foreign guests at Smart City Summit & Expo test positive
  • Major tech firms at Taiwan smart city expo
  • Bangkok: Cabinet okays EEC smart city deal

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