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Insight EU Smart Cities Monitoring 12 August 2023 (PDF & DOC)

IEU SC 2023-8-12
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  • Upcoming ITU events on Smart Sustainable Cities and metaverse
  • Boosting local and regional cooperation for a clean energy transition and improved energy security
  • Connecting Regional Innovation Valleys through Circular Industries
  • Speakers announced for Urban Mobility Days 2023
  • Transforming Urban Logistics and Mobility: Exploring the Journeys of the ULaaDS Satellite Cities
  • Latest publications by Eltis
  • Steps towards a cycling revolution: Jill Warren on the future of pedal power for all
  • Marseille to make public transport announcements in local dialect
  • Dutch employers to report work-related mobility starting from 2024
  • Portugal has published its pedestrian strategy until 2030
  • Researchers present evidence and suggestions on reducing car dependency in Northern Ireland
  • Stavanger is the first Norwegian city to offer free public transport for residents
  • New electric buses acquired for South West Germany
  • Dublin commences testing of its inaugural fleet of battery electric buses
  • From 2029, electric cars to incur fewer costs than diesel vehicles in Slovakia
  • Geestland: zeit:maschine eröffnet: Willkommen in der Zukunft!
  • Geestland: Hier entsteht eine Zentrale für autonome Busse
  • Geestland: Jetzt für die Grüne Hausnummer bewerben!
  • Stadterneuerung: Dortmund plant umfassende Städtebauprojekte für 2024
  • Dortmund: Stadtentwicklung: Neue Ausgabe von Infoheft "Aufbruch City" zeigt Bandbreite der Cityentwicklung
  • Stadtentwicklung: Wirtschaftsförderung Dortmund lädt ein zur Auftaktveranstaltung des Projekts "DoZirkulär2030"
  • Kommunale Radverkehrsplanung beschleunigen - difu
  • 11. Open-Data-Netzwerktreffen zum Thema "Linked Open Data" - difu-Veranstaltungen
  • Werkzeuge für die treibhausgasneutrale Kommune - difu-Veranstaltungen
  • SmartCitiesWorld: Siemens signs up to Curiosity Lab smart city ecosystem
  • Latest headlines by Next Cities
  • Texas Cities Are Getting Ready For The State’s ‘Death Star’ Law
  • Virtual Power Plants Offer A Climate-Forward Response To Increasingly Hot Summers
  • Lessons From The U.K.’s Transformative Social Housing System
  • Unclogging Climate Injustices Requires Persistent Community Action
  • Can Chinatown’s Unique Food Ecosystem Last Another Generation?
  • Can Historic Preservation Be A Tool For Environmental Justice In Richmond?
  • An Early Literacy Initiative Brings Reading To North Philly Playgrounds
  • The Weekly Wrap: Denver Metro Area Will Cut Train and Bus Fares
  • Civic Innovation Is Flourishing In Cities Right Now
  • We Can’t Afford To Not Make Our Cities More Accessible For People With Disabilities
  • Latest headlines by Cities Today
  • US cities bid to cool down with smart surfaces
  • Minneapolis climate plan emphasises environmental justice
  • Carmakers to create North American EV charging network
  • Nantes wants to be France’s first ‘non-sexist’ city
  • Infrastructure remains top issue for US mayors
  • BT explores turning defunct telecom cabinets into EV chargers
  • Report claims London needs 10,000 more e-bike parking bays
  • Autonomous shuttle pilot launches in Altamonte Springs
  • San Jose’s generative AI guidelines include public records reminder
  • Cities urged to adapt as hybrid work is ‘here to stay’
  • Joint letter calls on UK government to speed up e-scooter legislation
  • AI meal planner among winners of London’s poverty prevention challenge
  • San Diego City Council backs the return of smart streetlights
  • Berlin named as Europe’s smartest city, thanks to MaaS

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