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Insight EU Smart Cities Monitoring 12 July 2023 (PDF & DOC)

IEU SC 2023-7-12
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  • Site under construction: Digital management of EU funds is behind schedule
  • How the EU wants to make urban life smarter - EU Auditors
  • The European Commission transfers in the interests of the service a new Director-General for its Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy
  • DUT Call 2023 - First Information Available: People-centred Urban Transformation - Mobility, Energy, Circularity
  • President of the University of Guadalajara talks hyper-technology and social responsibility in higher education
  • A novel DG REGIO initiative supports the Green Deal with cohesion policy
  • Skills shortage is delaying the green transition, EIB Municipality Survey shows
  • Circular City Challenge 2023 - Creative Climate Cities
  • Smart Regions- the remote island of Madeira focuses on sustainability and renewable energies
  • Neue App, noch mehr Daten - Aspern Smart City Researc
  • Eltis: Copenhagen first in terms of actions on shared and zero-emission mobility
  • Fluctuo: European Shared Mobility Index released
  • Smartes Fahrradfahren: Leezenflow - Einfach. Smart. Münster
  • difu-Publikation: Verkehrsberuhigung: Entlastung statt Kollaps!
  • Further publications by Eltis
  • Driving Urban Transitions: DUT Call 2023 and 15-minute City mapping survey
  • OUT(bound) and proud with TfL's Colleague Network Group
  • Copenhagen first in terms of actions on shared and zero-emission mobility
  • Innovative Actions: meet the winners of the first call!
  • CIVITAS survey on knowledge and skills needs for urban mobility professionals
  • Cerema's recommendations for successful cycling
  • New anode technologies for electric vehicle batteries
  • Owners of most polluting cars need to pay double for parking in Lambeth Borough
  • Bucharest: Public consultation for the expansion of the tram network
  • European Commission approves €179.5 million state aid to robo-taxi project
  • ASEAN Smart Cities Network steps up efforts on promoting smart, sustainable cities
  • Smart City Update from Turku: Turku Recognizes potential in AI: Revolutionizing City Operations and Enhancing Citizen Services
  • Smart City Update from Espoo: Solutions of the Kera design competition accelerate a circular economy in the construction industry
  • Smart City Update from Aarhus: Launches ambitious initiative on cyber- and information security
  • Smart City Update from Vantaa: Climate cooperation between municipalities and companies
  • 9. Regionalkonferenz in Rostock: Gemeinsam in der Ostseeregion: Smartes Zusammenspiel von Mensch und Technik - Smart City Dialog
  • Langzeitstudie zur Lebenssituation und Wertvorstellungen von Familien in Deutschland
  • VKU gründet Task Force Digitale Daseinsvorsorge
  • Erstes digitales deutsch-französisches Bürgerportal eröffnet - Baden-Württemberg
  • Dortmund: Großer Ansturm auf Lastenradförderprogramm des Umweltamts
  • Umwelt: Klimawandel gefährdet Dortmunder Fließgewässer
  • Digitalisierung: Dortmund setzt auf nachhaltige IT und schont damit Ressourcen
  • Difu-Veranstallungen in der Reihe Online-Sprechstunde
  • Kommunalrichtlinie: Klimafreundliche Mobilität
  • Kommunalrichtlinie: Klimaschutzkonzept und -management
  • Kommunalrichtlinie: Außen- und Straßenbeleuchtung
  • Kommunalrichtlinie: Kommunale Wärmeplanung
  • Kommunalrichtlinie: Abwasserbewirtschaftung
  • Kommunalrichtlinie: Vorreiterkonzepte
  • Kommunalrichtlinie: Machbarkeitsstudien
  • Kommunalrichtlinie: Energiemanagement
  • Citizen engagement: How Vienna became the world’s most liveable city – again - SmartCitiesWorld
  • Vantaa: The Wellbeing Plan 2023-2025 aims to promote the wellbeing of all city residents
  • The second round pilots of the City of Espoo's project on digitalized sports have been selected
  • Espoo: Collaborative network for development of Kiviruukki circular economy hub – From concept towards realisation
  • Construction in Espoo uses nearly one fifth of all concrete in Finland
  • Making information more accessible from the UK’s independent public spending watchdog - dxw
  • Urban Futurism for Smarter Cities
  • Latest headlines by Smart Cities World
  • San Francisco transport agency boosts 5G coverage for riders - SmartCitiesWorld
  • Demand for parking may have dire climate, housing consequences, author says
  • Solar-powered ‘microgrids’ coming to San Diego public buildings as first of 8 projects breaks ground
  • America's Most Dangerous Cities, Mapped
  • DPD to roll out robot deliveries to 10 UK towns and cities
  • Underground Climate Change is a Silent Hazard Urban Infrastructure
  • ASEAN Smart Cities Network steps up efforts on promoting smart, sustainable cities
  • Faroe Islands choose the E-WAY to begin their urban transport electrification
  • Minneapolis ranked best large US city for cyclists
  • Digital transformation experts to offer smart city capabilities
  • Almonty Industries and Korea Telecom to introduce Mine Safety DX technology at Sandong
  • As Challenges Mount For Cities, Localities Step Up Rezoning Efforts
  • Reorganization of the Office of Public Health Data, Surveillance, and Technology
  • ComEd, Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Award Grants to 21 Communities to Advance EV Adoption, Public Safety Initiatives
  • Air Quality Measures for the Neighborhood? A Tampa Project Tries.
  • In the ‘brave new world’ of urban air mobility, who will benefit?

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