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Insight EU Smart Cities Monitoring 12 May 2023 (PDF)

IEU SC 2023-5-12
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  • Speech by EU Commissioner Elisa Ferreira for the 2023 annual conference for the Technical Support Instrument “Public Administration fit for the future and adaptable to change”
  • Eurobarometer: Europeans welcome EU support to reforms in the Member States
  • Statement und Positionspapier P. Liese/N. Lins (beide CDU) zu Interessen des ländlichen Raumes/heutige Agrardebatte
  • Rotterdam, London and Ghent finalists of the 2023 UserCentriCities Award
  • The future of multicultural cities - Eurocities
  • EU Commissioner Ferreira in Zagreb for the Ministerial Conference of the Union for the Mediterranean on Urban Development
  • Speech by Commissioner Elisa Ferreira at the Third Ministerial Conference on Urban Development of the Union for the Mediterranean
  • Can civic spaces strengthen local networks?
  • Find an URBACT IV Expert!
  • Latest Ongoing Projects: the "Scalable Cities Roadshow"
  • "Digitaler Staat 2023: BAMF zeigt sich innovativ
  • Künstliche Intelligenz in der Verwaltung - Baden-Württemberg
  • ATELIER - Energy communities in Kraków!
  • Urban mobility should embrace green and digital solutions, say MEPs
  • Call for Proposals for #ChallengeMyCity 2023
  • Deadline for applications 26 May 2023 Excellence in Road Safety Awards 2023
  • Lessons from six cities implementing LEZs through the ReVeAL project
  • Brussels' Clean Air Partnership starts its second phase of initiatives
  • Lisbon offers free cycle workshops and bicycle classes in schools
  • Further publications by ELTIS
  • Polish translation of SUMP Decision Makers Summary now available
  • Montreal borough is to base parking fees on the size of a car
  • Study shows that re-manufacturing e-bike components can lower costs
  • Call for Proposals for #ChallengeMyCity 2023
  • Brussels' Clean Air Partnership starts its second phase of initiatives
  • Lisbon offers free cycle workshops and bicycle classes in schools
  • iDREAMS Policy Brief on Corporate Social Responsibility and road safety
  • Paris inaugurates first zero-carbon neighbourhood
  • Democratising mobility: Isabel Cunha discusses equitable cycling
  • Bus Éireann aims to double emission-free km in 2023 after record year
  • Solid-state electrolytes: trends, challenges, and solutions of electric vehicles
  • Zaragoza green lights the construction of Europe's first vertiport
  • Norwich city centre gets e-cargo bike service
  • Fünf Projekte für lebenswerte und zukunftsfeste Regionen ausgezeichnet - BMI
  • Innovation Summit 2023 - Baden-Württemberg
  • KfW-Kommunalpanel 2023: Investitionsrückstand steigt trotz Mehrfachbelastungen nur moderat - Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik
  • Wie Flächennutzungsplanung in Kommunen Innenentwicklung und Klimaanpassung stärkt - difu
  • difu: Stadtnatur erfassen, schützen, entwickeln: Orientierungswerte und Kenngrößen für das öffentliche Grün
  • Weitere difu-Events und Workshops
  • Netzwerk-Event und Radtour des Mobilitätsforums Bund im Rahmen der 2. polisMobility in Köln
  • Ohne Handel keine Stadt?
  • Die Mobilitätswende vorantreiben: Verkehrsversuche nach StVO
  • Vantaa is sustainable
  • Global headlines about Smart City developments
  • Artificial Intelligence Enhances Public Safety and Security in Smart Cities
  • The Bold Vision of AI Governance: Revolutionizing Democracy in Smart Cities
  • AI and the Future of Transportation: From Self-Driving Cars to Smart Cities
  • Houssam Abiad Explores How Smart Cities Can Use Technology To Drive Economic Development Through Innovation Districts And Digital Entrepreneurship Programs
  • Webuild/SAJCO JV to build high-speed rail for Saudi ‘smart city’
  • The Future of Smart Cities: Integrating AI Technologies for Enhanced Urban Living
  • Smart Cities: The Intersection of Technology, Sustainability, and Urban Living
  • The Foundations of a Smart City
  • Government Decides To Extend Smart Cities Mission Deadline Till June 2024

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