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Insight EU Smart Cities Monitoring 15 July 2022 (PDF)

IEU SC 2022-7-15
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  • "New European Bauhaus": MEPs ask for dedicated funding and concrete criteria
  • EU-Abgeordneter Ehler (CDU) zum Neuen Europäischen Bauhaus
  • S&Ds: The New European Bauhaus must improve the lives of people through architecture and urban planning
  • Renew Europe: The New European Bauhaus will help build our future life in the EU
  • Regional development MEPs ask more funds to cohesion
  • EU Cohesion Policy: more than €469 million for new cooperation programmes in the Baltics and Scandinavia
  • EU-Rechnungsprüfer haben Zweifel am lokalen Ansatz der EU-Regionalförderung
  • COR: New European Innovation Agenda sets increased focus on promoting territorial cohesion
  • Open call: SSA Study
  • Local leaders emphasize importance of EU investment into clean public transport
  • Smart Mobility: Latest publications by Eltis
  • Urban Mobility Days 2022 - Day 1 Programme now available
  • Stricter rules for e-scooters: New law in Brussels goes further than the Belgian one
  • TandEM Women in Cycling - Cycling Training and Empowerment for Women by Women
  • Small electric vehicles are transforming urban delivery
  • The Belgian city of Hasselt launches e-bikes for people with reduced mobility
  • Braga forms Business Mobility Pact with 30 major companies
  • E-scooter safety: Analysis of an e-scooter and rider system dynamic response to curb traversing
  • Walking and cycling: latest evidence to support policy-making and practice
  • French translation of the SUMP Topic Guide on safe use of micromobility devices in urban areas is now available
  • The MobiliseYourCity Mastering Mobility Series 2022
  • EU Commission: In focus: Energy and smart cities
  • Cities and regions fear a massive social crisis and call for measures to finance RePowerEU as Russia continues gas supply cuts
  • Rural Energy Community Advisory Hub – Launch of the Technical Assistance Programme
  • Air pollution: Which European cities have the best air quality?
  • MEPs support establishment of the new AccessibleEU Centre
  • Latest headlines by Next City
    • How Transit Agencies Are Engaging the Transit Professionals of Tomorrow
    • Economics in Brief: Philly Public Bank Project Sees a Major Obstacle
    • Q&A: Empowering U.S. Finance Literacy for Indigenous Communities
    • Black, Indigenous & Low-Income Pedestrians Killed at Disproportionately Higher Rates During Pandemic
    • Housing in Brief: Congress Finds Private Equity Kept Buying Homes, Hiking Fees Over Pandemic
    • Building Black Intergenerational Wealth Through Estate Planning
    • How a ‘Music Audit’ Led to Equitable Economic Development in Huntsville, Ala.
    • Using Moss To Push Government Action in Seattle’s Duwamish Valley
    • Abolitionists Push Back Against New York City’s Proposed Plan For a ‘Feminist Jail’
    • How Denver Is Working to Make Its Cannabis Economy More Equitable
    • After The Supreme Court Ruling, Here’s How Cities Can Lead the Fight Against Climate Change
    • How Katowice, Poland Went From Coal City to Culture And Conference Hub
    • Facing an Energy Crisis, a Syrian Engineer Designed Electric Tuk-Tuks
    • Economics in Brief: Minimum Wage Hikes Will Affect Millions of Workers
    • For Kashmir’s Local Artisans, a ‘Craft Safari’ Offers a Lifeline
    • ‘Farmers Without a Farm’: Latino Immigrants Are Putting Down Roots With Urban Gardens
    • Hear Us: Reproductive Justice for All Means Centering Black Women
    • Evanston’s First “Reparations” Payments Have Gone Out. Here’s How It Was Spent.
    • Housing in Brief: Landlords Are Raising Utility Bills To Get Around St. Paul’s Rent Control Laws
    • A Community Art Project Turns the Lens Back on Government Surveillance
    • How Cities Are Cutting Meat Consumption to Help Meet Climate Goals
    • How the Cuyahoga River Got Its Otters Back
  • Global Smart Cities headlines
  • Smart City kiosks face opposition in Berkeley
  • Green mobility: Bhubaneswar smart city to ply 50 electric buses soon
  • UAE smart city deploys smart strategies to become living lab
  • Smart Meters Expand Sustainable Horizon Of Smart Cities

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