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Insight EU Smart Cities Monitoring 23 April 2023 (PDF)

IEU SC 2023-4-23
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  • MEPs: Accelerating the digitalisation of key public services
  • New European Bauhaus: Call for projects to help rebuild Ukraine and foster sustainable construction skills in Europe
  • Transform to thrive: Kick-off of the 4th EU Macro-Regional Strategies Week #EUMRSWeek
  • Speech by EU Commissioner Elisa Ferreira at the Conference "The future of EU regional policy"
  • Accessing Danish digital public services with Muni
  • Accelerating the Twin Transition in EU Cities and their local economies – The Intelligent Cities Challenge has opened applications for new phase - Open & Agile Smart Cities
  • URBACT: Can public procurement be a leverage for local food transition?
  • 10 times URBACT has taken the leap towards digital
  • New mobility policy briefs emphasise the need for long-term zero-carbon transition pathways to meet climate targets
  • European Citizens' Initiative: EU Commission registers the 100th initiative calling on connecting EU capitals through high-speed trains
  • Latest publications by ELTIS
  • EIT Open Innovation Call for Proposals
  • After the Paris ban, what’s next for e-scooters?
  • First meeting of the Ambassadors for #DiversityInTransport
  • Estonian authorities discuss parking and lower speed limits for e-scooters
  • Two EU funded projects are exploring how drones can be used safely in cities
  • Paris bans shared e-scooters after a public consultation
  • EMT Madrid & Comillas University discuss their Women in STEM Chair
  • Fluctuo's latest Shared Mobility Index report now available
  • Coimbra promotes mobility awareness campaign in primary schools
  • Residents of Luxembourg celebrate three years of free public transport
  • Madrid City Council donates 32 second-hand EMT buses to Ukraine
  • Federal Court of Auditors welcomes tram line extensions in Austrian cities
  • European Commission has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the role gender stereotypes play in society
  • Smarter Customer Self-Service - Fraunhofer IAO
  • Speech by EU Commission EVP Vestager on digital education and skills
  • Regionalkonferenz der Modellprojekte Smart Cities in Aalen - Smart City Dialog
  • Informationen zu Open Source im Förderprogramm Modellprojekte Smart Cities - Smart City Dialog
  • Neue Studie: Das Ökosystem einer smarten Stadt - Smart City Dialog
  • ePart MS-LAB: Jugendliche programmieren Stadt der Zukunft - Einfach. Smart. Münster.
  • Stadtentwicklung: Befragung "Vitale Innenstädte 2022" bestätigt gesetzten Kurs für die Dortmunder City - dortmund.de
  • Stadtentwicklung: Bericht zum Quartier Hafen macht Vorschläge zum schöneren Wohnen vor Ort - dortmund.de
  • Geestland - Smart City: Imsum bekommt digitalen Schaukasten
  • Digitalisierungskurse gehen in die nächste Runde - Smart City Eichenzell
  • Die jüngsten Veröffentlichungen des Deutschen Instituts für Urbanistik
  • Kommunalrichtlinie: Energiesparmodelle
  • Kommunalrichtlinie: Klimaschutzkonzept und -management
  • Kommunalrichtlinie: Kommunale Wärmeplanung
  • Kommunalrichtlinie: Lüftungsanlagen
  • Kommunalrichtlinie: Klimafreundliche Mobilität und Radabstellanlagen
  • Kommunalrichtlinie: Beleuchtung (Innen- und Hallenbeleuchtung)
  • Kommunalrichtlinie: Klimaschutzkoordination
  • Kommunalrichtlinie: Klimafreundliche Trinkwasserversorgung
  • Australia’s #1 sustainable city wins rights to host inaugural summit advancing the uptake of offshore wind and green hydrogen in APAC region.
  • New approach to transport data could reap multiple benefits - UKAuthority.com
  • New Data for London programme announced - UKAuthority.com
  • Global headlines about Smart City developments
  • Free public transport, $250m electric bus fleet promised in WA budget
  • A Historic Brooklyn CDC Envisions A New Model For Wealth Creation
  • A 4-Day Workweek Gains Lawmaker Support In Some States
  • Small-Town America Needs Affordable Housing, Too
  • As Louisville’s West End Is Redeveloped, Residents Chronicle Their Neighborhood’s History
  • It’s Time For Cities To Rethink Lawn Policy
  • A K-Pop Wave Is Transforming A São Paulo Neighborhood – For Better And For Worse
  • Fund Gives Minority Developers a Leg Up
  • Why Cities Are Rethinking What Kinds Of Trees They’re Planting

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