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Insight EU Smart Cities Monitoring 23 July 2023 (PDF & DOC)

IEU SC 2023-7-23
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  • Urban planning must factor in needs of migrants, sustainable development forum hears
  • Spotlight: “If there is something that defines the human being, it is diversity”
  • A new era of the labour market?
  • Digital Public Services: Member States step up efforts in value-based and interoperable digital government
  • Pre-notification for Development of the Local Digital Twins (LDT) toolbox
  • Öffentliche Daten zentral nutzbar machen - Baden-Württemberg
  • EU Commission launches registrations to the 2024 Access City Award rewarding accessibility in EU cities
  • DUT Call 2022: 48 projects suggested for funding
  • URBACT cities are driving Europe’s acceleration towards a circular economy
  • Discover this year's URBACT University programme
  • Submit your abstracts to GEOINNO 2024
  • Speech by Commissioner Elisa Ferreira (by video message) for the European Long-Term Investors Association 10th Anniversary
  • EIB Group activity in cohesion regions – Poland one of the top beneficiaries of cohesion financing
  • MEPs suggest new mechanism to remove cross-border obstacles
  • COR: Local action will be decisive to deliver Sustainable Development Goals at global level by 2030
  • Sustainable cities: five finalists for the European Green Capital & Leaf Awards
  • EU Commission boosts data sharing and innovation for a smart, sustainable, and resilient EU tourism ecosystem
  • Werkzeuge für die treibhausgasneutrale Kommune - Difu-Veranstaltungen
  • The European Year of Skills and the Mobility Sector
  • Verkehrsberuhigungsmaßnahmen sorgen für Entlastung statt Verkehrskollaps - difu
  • Sicherheitsrisiko Parken! - difu-Veranstaltungen
  • Further publications by Eltis
  • Mit New Work in die Zukunft der Altenpflege - Fraunhofer IAO
  • Modell für eine maßgeschneiderte Arbeitswelt - Fraunhofer IAO
  • Umfrage: Online-Beteiligung zum Lärmaktionsplan "Mach ruhig mit" startet - dortmund.de
  • Tag der Städtebauförderung 2023
  • Barrierefreiheit zahlt sich aus
  • Bündnis „ÖPNV braucht Zukunft“: Deutschlandticket war nur der erste Schritt, jetzt muss das Bus- und Bahn-Angebot verbessert werden
  • BMI: Bundesinnenministerin Nancy Faeser besichtigt Kritische Infrastruktur im Sektor Wasser
  • Detmold schafft neues Schülerticket
  • ISCN Online Advisory Programme #10: Ein Blick auf nationale Urbane Datenplattformen in Indien - Smart City Dialog
  • The Wellbeing Plan 2023-2025 aims to promote the wellbeing of all city residents
  • As people leave urban centers, can superstar cities like London and Paris stay vibrant? - McKinsey & Company
  • New York announces fare-free bus pilot on select routes
  • Antwerp’s transport chief says mobility app key to modal shift
  • San Diego extends deadline for surveillance technology review by three years
  • Report calls for ‘connectivity champions’ in UK councils
  • LA pilot takes inspiration from Barcelona’s superblocks
  • International city leaders head to ‘mayor school’
  • Massachusetts city adopts 2035 net zero mandate for large buildings
  • Singapore picks green tech winners
  • Boston seeks partners to expand EV charging network
  • California City Tests AI Cameras On Buses for Parking Tickets
  • New York announces fare-free bus pilot on select routes
  • Treasure What You Measure: U.K.’s #1 Smart City Unveils Real-Time Active Travel Portal
  • Innovation Barueri – Technological development center, research and business incubator
  • Bezos commits $400m to green spaces in US communities
  • SENATOR leverages Ardor blockchain for urban planning
  • Using AI to fight climate change
  • EITA! – Public Challenges and the Encouragement of Open Innovation
  • Riyadh to deploy smart pole infrastructure pilot
  • One-Stop Shops Can Change The Game For Your City’s Small Business Growth
  • Smart Energy Finance: Funding for autonomous EV charging and GridBeyond’s acquisition of Veritone Energy
  • Sutton Council connects CCTV network to fibre
  • NITI Aayog's Goa conference focuses on accelerating India's electric mobility roadmap
  • DOTZON Study: Digital City Brands 2023
  • Antwerp’s transport chief says mobility app key to modal shift
  • San Diego extends deadline for surveillance technology review by three years
  • Nature-based solutions could help European cities cut emissions by up to 25% -study
  • The Forum of Polish and Ukrainian Cities takes place in Kryvyi Rih
  • The Importance of Data in Combatting Extreme Heat and Climate Change
  • Technology innovations enable smarter commute in Chinese cities
  • Vianova Signs Deal With Brussels To Manage E-Scooter Fleets
  • New parking standards to make mobility more convenient
  • Dachser designates 12 European city centres for EV deliveries
  • The Countries And Cities With The Most Drinking Fountains, Ranked
  • 15-Minute Cities (2) - Our future?
  • Perl Street and The Energy Coalition secure battery storage incentive financing
  • Two new U.S. cities, 14 returners recognized for data-driven governance
  • Here's what's stopping cities from converting offices into apartments
  • Smart energy communities set for a market boom says Guidehouse
  • Mayor announces winners of second Design Future London
  • Urban Building Energy Model Helps Cities Reduce Carbon Emissions
  • Underground Heat Is Sinking Our Cities, Study Says
  • Toyota Mobility Foundation joins with WRI India for study on multi-modal mobility
  • Urban Air Mobility: Past, present and future
  • Speakers Call for Ambitious Action, Investments to Build Sustainable, Inclusive, Resilient Cities, Urban Communities, as High-Level Political Forum Continues

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