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Insight EU Smart Cities Monitoring 25 July 2022 (PDF)

IEU SC 2022-7-25
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  • Nouveau Bauhaus européen : soutien à 18 projets menés par des citoyens
  • International Conference: Implementing the Western Balkan Agenda on Innovation, Research, Education, Culture, Youth and Sport - Support to Smart Specialisation in the Western Balkans and Turkey
  • Once Only Technical System - key for the creation of the first European data space
  • Smart Mobility: Latest publications by Eltis
  • Creating gender-equal shared mobility services
  • Luxembourg's experience with free public transport
  • Catalonia approves a plan to confront sexual harassment on public transport
  • TandEM Women in Cycling - Cycling Training and Empowerment for Women by Women
  • Hyper Voisins' big mobility experiment
  • New EU rules to improve road safety and enable fully driverless vehicles in the EU
  • Microgrids are everywhere — and they’re incredibly accessible - Microgrid Knowledge
  • Green Deal in cities and towns: EU Commission selects five cities for European Green City Awards
  • Which lockdown measures reduced what type of air pollution in European cities? - Science for Environment Policy
  • Assessing the impact of nutrient input from dogs on seminatural ecosystems near cities
  • World Economic Forum: How smart urban areas can benefit everyone
  • Oslo, a pioneer in healthcare technology
  • Digitalisation of Businesses in National Recovery and Resilience Plans (NRRPs)
  • DB und Bundespolizei entwickeln Innovationen für mehr Sicherheit im Bahnhof
  • U.S. Federal government launches $1B program to connect cities fractured by historic policy decisions
  • American City & County: Gain Greater Visibility Into Your Public Works Fleet
  • Latest headlines by Next City
    • Innovative Housing Can Address Affordability and Aging in Place
    • It’s Time to Electrify Philly’s Buildings
    • Economics in Brief: Nearly Half of American Workers Can’t Get a Retirement Savings Plan
    • For Burlington, Vermont, Going 100% Renewable Was Just the Start
    • Design with Nature, Design with Data | RaeburnFarquharBowen
    • Housing in Brief: Tenant-Owned Housing Gets a Boost in D.C.
    • Inside Chicago’s Effort to Protect Tenants’ Right to Cool Air
    • The Co-Op Model is Helping Spread Solar to Cities Across the U.S.
    • A Water Strategy for the Parched West: Cities Pay Farmers to Install Efficient Irrigation Systems
    • Transit Agencies Try Decarceral Approaches to Improve Rider Safety
    • Can Commercial Real Estate Development Help Heal This Seattle Neighborhood?
    • In Michigan, Creating More Resilient Local Economies From the Ground Up
    • The Beloved, But Vulnerable, Bodega Worker
    • No College? No Problem.
    • Crowd Counting by Using Top-k Relations: A Mixed Ground-Truth CNN Framework
  • Global Smart Cities headlines
  • Thai smart-city startup receives United Nations sustainability honors
  • STV Welcomes Robert J. Spillar, P.E., as Senior Vice President, National Director of Smart Cities
  • 6 Reasons why Smart Transportation is Important for a Smart City?

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