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Insight EU Smart Cities Monitoring 26 August 2022 (PDF)

IEU SC 2022-8-26
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  • World Smart City Expo 2022
  • Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Digital Matchmaking: 5G for Smart Communities
  • Infographic: Understanding 5G for Smart Communities
  • Conference Science for smart and sustainable agriculture
  • Can microgrids help to bridge the infrastructure gap for the EV charging surge? - Microgrid Knowledge
  • Bitkom: Heizung, Klima, Warmwasser: Wie Unternehmen mit digitalen Gebäudetechnologien Energie sparen können


  • How regulating data sharing practices in the context of Mobility-as-a-Service can help deliver its environmental and social benefits - Florence School of Regulation
  • Mapping the MaaS sector: are specific rules for MaaS platforms needed or advisable? - Florence School of Regulation
  • Felipe Ramírez to Lead Urban Mobility Work at WRI Ross Center
  • Latest publications by ELTIS
    • ROADPOL Safety Days
    • Bicycle ambulances service the beach of Izola
    • SAFE-UP project drives key research for Euro NCAP’s future vehicle safety assessment
    • Action plan for energy-efficient public transport infrastructure deployment in Budapest
    • Civitas Handshake – Achievements and lessons learned
    • The UVARBox tool is now available
    • How will the European Commission's proposed Battery Regulation affect you?
    • Cologne to establish Mobility Council to support SUMP development
    • Brussels park and ride car parks to become free of charge
    • International Youth Day and European Year of Youth 2022
    • Urban rail expansion in Dublin will transform commuter mobility
    • Podcast "Project EfficienCE - How data takes over transport planning"
    • Recycle-to-ride scheme implemented in Cluj-Napoca
    • Handbook published on the role of ticketing in enabling seamless mobility
    • Catalonia trials measuring occupancy and punctuality of buses in real-time
    • Opening ceremony of smart fast charging stations in Maribor
    • The EfficienCE project held its last two webinars
    • Hungarian translation of the SUMP Topic Guide for Smaller Cities and Towns now available
    • Summit on EU investment for the decarbonisation of public transport
    • Spanish government to finance ticket price reduction to promote public transport
    • Tallinn runs free self-driving bus pilot
    • Piraeus to develop Strategic Transport Plan
    • Educational toolkits to help fight gender stereotypes in transport
  • Soil Health law: public consultation launched
  • Green Deal Going Local: new call for best practices and climate commitments
  • Bitkom: Drei von vier Deutschen wollen digital mit Behörden kommunizieren
  • Beta version of One Login goes into use -
  • Belfast City Council to create a Citizen Office of Digital Innovation -
  • Report urges councils to appoint digital champions for mobile tech in social care -
  • Companies House plans digital ID verification -
  • Scottish Government produces personal data principles -
  • Smart Cities Week returns to Australia in 2022 with a Digital Twin twist - Smart Cities Council
  • American City & County: The 5 Procurement Superpowers Shaping the Future of Public Procurement
  • How capital improvement project prioritization helps secure infrastructure funding - American City & County
  • U.S. Census Bureau: County Business Patterns Interactive Data Viz Now Available
  • Latest links to stories published by Next City
    • How Five U.S. Cities Built 335 Miles of Bike Lanes in 24 Months
    • ‘Segregation By Design’ Reveals the Ugly Side of Your City
    • How America’s First ‘Heat Officers’ Are Cooling Miami and Los Angeles
    • From A Vacant, City-Owned Lot To Chicago’s First Indigenous Garden
    • To Address Youth Homelessness, New York City Turns to Those With Experience
    • Housing In Brief: Mississippi’s Governor Is Leaving Eviction Prevention Funds On The Table
    • What Will It Take For Other Upstate New York Cities To Adopt Rent Control?
    • What Does Spatial Justice for Unhoused People Look Like?
    • In the Twin Cities, Innovative Strategies for Water Safety Target Kids at Highest Risk of Drowning
    • Extreme Weather Is Only Getting Worse. Can Cities Protect Public Transit?
    • More Midwest Banks See Opportunity to Finance Solar, Energy Efficiency Projects
    • How A Small Canadian City Took On Chronic Homelessness
    • Housing In Brief: New York City Might Ban Landlords From Asking About Arrest Records
    • Giving Adults With Disabilities Space For Higher Learning
    • The Immigrant Women Workers Learning To Disrupt The Cleaning Industry
    • Dallas Parents Flock To Schools That Pull Students From Both Rich And Poor Parts Of Town
    • With Grocery Prices Up, Families Turn To Food Waste Apps
    • In An Era Of Data Sharing, Can A Real Sanctuary City Exist?
    • NYC’s Newest Gigabit Center Aims to Close the Bronx’s Digital Divide
    • “The Street Project” Shows How America’s Streets Are “Deadly by Design” – And How That Can Change
  • Changes in the board of Open and Agile Smart Cities – Karl-Filip Coenegrachts appointed as the new Chair
  • Global headlines on Smart City developments
    • Capital Smart City Overseas Prime II Huge loss to investors? || Sky Marketing
    • Signify BrightSites: Enabling the Smart City of Tomorrow
    • CIOs Need To Understand How To Secure The Smart City Of Tomorrow
    • Why Smart Cities aren’t that smart (yet).
    • Why Alphabet's 'Smart City' in Toronto Failed
    • Complete Overview About Samana Smart City |Book Your Plot| |Pines Marketing| |Samana Smart City|
    • Purdue's smart city microcosm includes CBRS, neutral host fiber network
    • An $8.2 billion 'smart city' twice the size of Central Park is rising in Greece, complete with luxury homes for sale at New York prices. Take a look inside.
    • Smart Cities Won’t Mean The End Of Car Ownership Says Hyundai
    • How CityShob’s data-first approach is making smart cities more intelligent
    • Sunderland Develops 5G University as Part of Smart City Project with BAI
    • Thane: Two awards for Thane Smart City project
    • Smart Cities Council India Awards Smart Projects: Here Are The Winners
    • Data centres for smart cities
    • Business : Explore the future of smart cities at WSCE 2022 South Korea
    • World Smart City Expo 2022: Experience today and tomorrow of smart city
    • Smart Cities, Vol. 5, Pages 1079-1091: Impact of the Use of Electric Scooters from Shared Mobility Systems on the Users
    • Ooredoo teams up with Dahua and Starlink for smart CCTV and IoT solutions
    • Smart cities, urban mobility and autonomous vehicles: How different cities needs different sustainable investment strategies
    • Redefining 'smart cities' while preparing for the Olympics

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