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Insight EU Smart Cities Monitoring 30 June 2023 (PDF)

IEU SC 2023-6-30
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  • Speech by President von der Leyen at the Brussels Urban Summit 2023, via video message
  • Eurcities position: Using private data for public good
  • Eurocities: Public services in the public eye
  • Eurocities: Connected and interconnected, cities unite at EU Mayors’ Digital Assembly
  • A vision of unity – interview with Burkhard Jung, Mayor of Leipzig and new president of Eurocities
  • New European Bauhaus Prizes and European Urban Initiative Call: meet the winners
  • EU Commission and Europa Nostra award 28 exemplary heritage achievements from 21 countries
  • Hearing: Impact of cohesion policy on entrepreneurship and SMEs in rural areas
  • Urban Public Space Design project cluster meets NetZeroCities in Brussels
  • Calling all urban mobility professionals - help future-proof mobility education via the CIVITAS survey!
  • Introducing the CIVITAS Initiative
  • A crucial time to localise the Sustainable Development Goals in the EU
  • BMI: Neuer deutsch-schweizerischer Polizeivertrag: Grenzüberschreitenden Herausforderungen für die innere Sicherheit effektiv und gemeinsam begegnen
  • Harvard Data Smart City Solutions: New White Paper: Procuring Digital Infrastructure
  • Farm Sustainability Data Network: EU Council and Parliament reach provisional political agreement
  • Speech of EVP Timmermans at the Mission for Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities conference 2023
  • MCC: A good fifth reduction in climate gases from urban traffic in 15 years, with a better quality of life
  • ASCR entwickelte Regler für größtes Hybridkraftwerk Österreichs - Aspern Smart City Research
  • Plattform Grüne Fernwärme startet Netzwerk für Region Regensburg
  • Register now for Urban Mobility Days 2023
  • MobiliseYourCity: Top takeaways from 2023's data collection - Eltis
  • Saving Energy through implementing Urban Mobility Measures - Eltis
  • Concluding the Clean Bus Europe Platform - Eltis
  • Further publications by ELTIS
  • European Shared Mobility Index released
  • SAFE-UP launches Road Safety e-Learning Platform
  • ETSC awards its 2023 Road Safety Performance Index Award to Poland for the first time
  • Attitudes to electric cars on the rise in Finland
  • The first bus rapid transit service was launched in Madrid
  • Public transport 'check in' using bank cards across the Netherlands
  • Mobility decision makers discuss the future of urban mobility
  • Winchester to end free overnight parking in its central car parks
  • Madrid showcases its innovative and futuristic new bus design
  • Innovation capacity in the European transport sector
  • Gender balance in the transport sector: A toolkit for change
  • EUI launches Second Innovative Actions call for proposals
  • European Court of Auditors to review EU progress to road safety targets
  • Krakow to crack down on e-scooter parking
  • Registration to attend the Excellence in Road Safety Awards 2023 now open!
  • New SUMP Topic Guide on Mobility Management now available
  • McKinsey & Company: Pixels of progress: A microregional perspective on global development
  • Dialogplattform legt Leitlinien für resiliente Städte im digitalen Zeitalter vor
  • Regionalkonferenz in Aalen: Digitale Lösungen für die resiliente Region - Smart City Dialog
  • Regionalkonferenz der Modellprojekte Smart Cities in Iserlohn: Wandel gemeinsam gestalten, authentisch kommunizieren
  • BMWSB: Urbane Liga: Bündnis junger Stadtmacherinnen und Stadtmacher
  • Europäische Innovationshauptstadt 2023 gesucht
  • Baden-Würtemberg: 80 Millionen Euro für die digitale Verwaltung
  • Land Baden-Württemberg unterstützt Kommunen verstärkt beim Flächensparen
  • Baden-Württemberg: Städtebauförderprogramm 2024 startet
  • Halbzeitbilanz Agenda 2030: Kommunen machen Fortschritte, aber mehr Tempo erforderlich - Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik
  • Kommunale Wärmeplanung in kleinen Kommunen – Antworten auf 10 wichtige Fragen - Deutsches Institut für Urbanistik
  • Digitale Plattformen und integrierte Stadtentwicklung
  • Ankunftsquartiere gestalten – Wege in die sozialräumliche Integration - difu-Projekte
  • Die Stadt der Viertelstunde - difu-Projekte
  • Instrumente der Innenentwicklung - difu-Veranstaltungen
  • Agentur-Online: Die Kommunalrichtlinie im Überblick - difu-Veranstaltungen
  • Produktive Stadtquartiere - difu-Veranstaltungen
  • Praxischeck „Inklusive Lösung" - difu-Veranstaltungen
  • Klimaneutralität: Dashboard zeigt, wo Münster steht - Einfach. Smart. Münster
  • DIGIFARM.MS Netzwerktreffen #3 – MünsterCamp-Edition - Einfach. Smart. Münster
  • Detmold: Nachhaltigkeitsstrategie - Mitmachen und Ideen einbringen!
  • Bürgerkonferenz 2023: Bochumer*innen diskutierten über Familienfreundlichkeit
  • Smart City Bochum Konzept - Ergebnisse der Online-Befragung durch bee smart city aus dem Jahre 2021
  • Pionier-Kleinstädte: Nächster Halt Klimaneutralität 2040 - Smart Cities Initiative
  • Espoo: Mapping and control of invasive species with the help of a mobile game goes on
  • Neue ISCN-Studie zu nationalen Urbanen Datenplattformen in Indien veröffentlicht
  • Latest headlines by
  • Turing Institute to build digital twin research network -
  • DSIT publishes evidence report on cyber security for connected places
  • GMCA ‘shows importance of platform in smart cities’
  • Hertfordshire County Council feeds air quality data into digital twin
  • Harnessing data and tech for smart cities
  • Breckland Council launches Alexa skill for service enquiries
  • Newham Council deploys cycle light sensors for data insights
  • Public ‘sees benefits but supports regulation of AI’
  • American City & County: How to Manage Infrastructure Asset Risk So You Know You're Covered - Stop Playing with Fire
  • Latest headlines by Next City
  • “Pop-Up Care Villages” Bring Joy To Community-Led Homelessness Services
  • Can Affordable Housing Be Energy Efficient? These Developers Say Yes
  • Why Are So Many Cities’ Homeless Policies Punitive?
  • What Berkeley Can Learn From This Historic Fight Over Student Housing
  • Why Blue Lights Are Appearing At Some NYC Subway Stations
  • How 10 Next City Alumni Are Building Better Cities
  • Urban Digital Innovation Executive Leadership Programme (Rotterdam, 20-22 September 2023)
  • Wrap up of the OASC Annual Summit & General Assembly 2023 - Open & Agile Smart Cities
  • Further headlines by Open & Agile Smart Cities
  • The European Union launches ground-breaking AI and Robotics Testing and Experimentation Facilities (TEFs) in Copenhagen on June 27, 2023
  • Survey: Procurement of the Technical Specifications for the Local Digital Twins (LDTs) Toolbox
  • Launch of European Funding Instrument to upscale Digital Twins towards the Citiverse through Living-in.EU
  • ODALA – The Official Sponsor of OASC Annual Summit & General Assembly 2023
  • OMEGA-X – The Official Sponsor of OASC Annual Summit & General Assembly 2023
  • Global headlines about Smart City developments
  • Strategies For Creating And Maintaining Critical Infrastructure - Forbes Small Business
  • T-Mobile Partners With City To Eliminate Traffic-Related Deaths - Inside Towers
  • Unleashing the Powerhouse: Unveiling the Mighty Role of AI in Energy Management - AiThority
  • Toyota smart city project backed by ex-CEO sinks deeper into red
  • Powering 5G for Smart Cities
  • Leveraging Advanced Data Storage To Empower The Future Of Smart Cities
  • The role of IoT in enhancing the security and safety of smart cities
  • I Asked GPT How Smart Cities of 2050 Will Look Like
  • Audi Joins Leading Smart City Peachtree Corners to Advance C-V2X Deployment Pathways Aimed at Improving Roadway Safety
  • Smart cities & Value creation
  • Internet of Things (IoT) in smart cities: Creating Connected and Sustainable Urban Environments
  • IOT Smart Cities: Leveraging Digital Solutions For Healthy Aging

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