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Insight EU Smart Cities Monitoring 4 April 2023 (PDF)

IEU SC 2023-4-4
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  • AURORAL: Empowering rural digital transformation
  • EU Commission takes step towards 100 regional innovation valleys
  • How competitive is your region: EU Commission publishes the Regional Competitiveness Index
  • 30th anniversary of the Cohesion Fund: €179 billion for convergence and sustainable development
  • EU Cohesion Policy: 75 projects from young people selected under the #EUTeens4Green initiative
  • Speech by EU Commissioner Elisa Ferreira at the launch event of Cohesion Policy's Programmes in Romania
  • Baden-Württemberg: Starke Regionen wollen Zukunftsfähigkeit Europas stärken
  • Registration for the OASC Annual Summit & General Assembly is now open! - Open & Agile Smart Cities
  • European Urban Initiative - webinar for applicants
  • Re-launch of the EU Road Safety Exchange project
  • The SUMP Platform Coordinating Group is expanding
  • Modellberechnungen zum Mobilitätspass liegen vor - Baden-Württemberg
  • Latest publications by ELTIS
  • Two Urban Logistics solutions for the last-mile delivery problem
  • Saving digital privacy from shared mobility in Amsterdam
  • Lisbon installs “footrests” for cyclists waiting for lights to turn in their favour
  • Speech by EU Commissioner Simson at the Covenant of Mayors Europe conference: Cities on the frontline of the Energy Crisis
  • 3 Fragen an Eva Dvorak, Leiterin der Koordinationsstelle für Energiegemeinschaften in Österreich im Klima- und Energiefonds - Aspern Smart City Research
  • Klimaschutz in Kommunen: Neuer digitaler Praxisleitfaden hilft bei der Umsetzung
  • Was kostet Klimaschutz? Kosten und Nutzeneffekte von Klimaschutzmaßnahmen
  • TwinBy: Digitale Zwillinge für Bayern - Creative Climate Cities
  • SWAP-IT: Innovative Produktionsarchitektur für die Fabrik der Zukunft - Fraunhofer
  • Zukunft des Wohnens und Arbeitens auf der BAU 2023 - Fraunhofer IAO Veranstaltungen
  • Erste Zwischenergebnisse der umfassenden Polizeistudie - Bundesinnenministerium
  • Neues Geoportal Raumordnung - Baden-Württemberg
  • Erstes digitales deutsch-französisches Bürgerportal online - Baden-Württemberg
  • ISCN Podcast #13: KI in der Stadt (EN) - Smart City Dialog
  • New approach to transport data could reap multiple benefits -
  • New Data for London programme announced -
  • Latest headline published by Next City
  • The Financial Costs Of The Prison-To-Deportation Pipeline
  • More School Counselors Would Improve Juvenile Justice System For Girls In Philly
  • We Can Move Beyond Food Access To Food Sovereignty. Here’s How.
  • The Benefits of Greening Affordable Housing
  • Global headlines about Smart City developments
  • The broadband revolution sweeping American cities
  • High rise buildings for rural areas in Zimbabwe
  • Azerbaijan studies international experience in creating 'smart cities' (UPDATE)
  • Singapore is top Asian city in Smart City Index, ranks 7th worldwide
  • Huawei steps up ASEAN foray with Singapore lab revamp
  • Indonesia-China: a smart city can make for clever politics
  • What’s a Smart Community – and Why Should Governments Invest?
  • IoT’s role in managing smart cities (Reader Forum)
  • Smart cities, Apple's China compromises & what jobs will AI replace? | Tech It Out: Episode 104
  • Critics warn of ‘a dragnet of surveillance’ as U.S. pushes ahead with plans for more ‘smart’ cities
  • Citymesh heads €3.9m EU smart-city project with 5G build in Belgium

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