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Insight EU Smart Cities Monitoring 4 February 2022 (PDF)

IEU SC 2022-2-4
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  • Update on the EU Commission expert group: Mission Board for Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities Mission (E03815)
  • I3 calls: Extension of submission deadline for the 1st cut off until 22 February 2022
  • Italy has officially taken over the Presidency of the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region
  • Join the "SEArica" conference on the EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region: Focus on blue growth!
  • EP DRAFT OPINION on the New European Bauhaus
  • Baden-Württemberg: Kretschmann spricht mit EU-Kommission
  • Prague: What goes around comes around
  • Urban Agenda Partnership Action Plan updated for new phase starting in 2022
  • URBACT networks and the ‘Just Transition’
  • Eurocities: Energising transformation
  • Digitalisation of Urban planning
  • CEF Digital — 5G for smart communities matchmaking workshop
  • COR: Climate change measures must take account of gender equality or risk further impact on women's quality of life, local and regional leaders warn
  • Velo-city 2022 in Ljubljana - Österreichischer Städtebund
  • Latest publications by ELTIS
    • Call for experts to join the EU's five Mission Boards closes on Wednesday
    • Bike-sharing system in Nafplio includes bikes for those with reduced mobility
    • MOBI-MIX Report: Carsharing
    • Madrid Region opens the largest electric charging station in the country
    • Milan expands cycle network by 750 km
    • Athens improves conditions for walking with smart parking sensors and sidewalk restoration project
    • Cyclists are less confident navigating traffic than before, says survey
    • Grenoble takes over as European Green Capital for 2022
    • Plan to offer free bus service for residents on several municipalities on Costa del Sol
    • Berlin low speed zones successfully improve air quality
  • French EU Presidency: Symposium on Sustainable Urban Development
  • How green are European cities? Green space key to well-being – but access varies
  • Ministerial Conference: “Citizenship, ethics and health data”
  • Introducing the Innovative Health Initiative
  • The Future of Smart City Stavanger
  • UK Government Policy paper: Levelling Up the United Kingdom
  • Latest publications by Next City
    • How ‘Cool Roofs’ Are Helping Women Earn More in India
    • Economics in Brief: Philadelphia to Try Guaranteed Income Program
    • Pennsylvania CDFI Network Finds Power in Numbers
    • Housing in Brief: Human Rights Watch Identifies Risks to Public Housing Tenants
    • Sustainability Group Helps Low-Income Homeowners With House Repairs, Weatherization
    • Taste the Diaspora Is Building an Equitable Foodway in Black Detroit, One Shoebox Lunch at a Time
    • Essential Workers in the Bronx Are Getting an E-Bike Boost
    • For Some Afghan Refugees, Sewing Machines Provide Needed Sense of Normalcy
    • Worker-Owned Corn Processing Co-Op Planting Seeds in the Philly Region
    • With Donations as Small as $20, Land Trust Makes $9.4M Affordable Housing Buy in S.F.
    • How Midwives and Doulas Are Working to End Birth Disparities
    • The Bronx Apartment Fire Is No Surprise to Me. I Was a NYC Renter.
    • Philly’s Queer Doula Collective Is Helping LGBTQ Parents Navigate the Health System
    • Economics in Brief: NYC Amazon Workers Move One Step Closer to Unionization
    • Making Music, Changing Lives: Youth Orchestras Help At-Risk Kids
    • Housing in Brief: Big Profit, Big Questions Surround New York Eviction Relief Program
    • Amid Calls to Defund the Police, Many Mayors Are Still Relying on Cops to Address Homelessness
    • Hear Us: We Are Reclaiming Our Political Power in the Struggle for Progress
    • Milwaukee Fund Fuels 100 Black-Owned Businesses
    • Is There a Formula to Creating an Anti-Racist School?
    • Investing in a More Equitable Post-Pandemic Banking System
    • Helping Bronx Students Connect to the Earth and Each Other
    • Making Youth Entrepreneurs in San Francisco
    • In New York, Chinatown’s Cultural Power Steps Out of the Basements and Into the Mainstream
    • Taxis Are Making a Cautious Comeback
    • Economics in Brief: New Basic Income Programs Launch in Minneapolis and New York City
    • Why Road Safety Is About More Than Just Crash Data
    • Housing in Brief: Mayors Say They Don’t Have Tools to Deal With Homelessness
    • How Norway Popularized an Ultra-Sustainable Heating Method
    • More Than 30 Black CDFI CEOs Team Up to Shrink the Racial Wealth Gap
    • Will Remote Tech for Court Services Improve Digital Equity?
  • Latest Internet headlines
    • PDOOH plays viable role in Smart City development
    • Singapore, Fintech, Innovation and Smart City – Expo 2020 Dubai
    • China & Hong Kong Data Center Markets, 2022-2027 – Smart Cities Fuel Data Center Demand, Increased Investment in Ai-Based Applications & Rising Investment in Blockchain & Quantum Computing
    • Smart City Defense Game: Strategic Resource Management during Socio-Cyber-Physical Attacks.
    • Experts say 2022 is the year smart city projects move from flashy to functional
    • What Do We Really Need To Build Smart Cities?
    • Chinese startup Axera, which makes AI chips for computer vision in smart cities and smart homes, raises ~$126M from Meituan and others (Arjun Kharpal/CNBC)
    • People-centric computing and communications in Smart Cities. (arXiv:2201.05005v1 [cs.NI])
    • BAI Communications partners with Mavenia to realise Sunderland’s smart city project
    • Brunei and Actility deploy LoRaWAN network for smart city services
    • Predictions for the future of “smart cities”
    • 3 Business Opportunities in the Booming World of Smart Cities
    • 3D IoT lidar solutions for smart cities unveiled at CES 2022
    • Smart City Initiatives to Spur Deployment of Adaptive Traffic Control System
    • 5 eco-friendly electric buses flagged off in Agra under smart city project
    • Tech and telecoms companies team to progress smart cities in Saudi Arabia
    • JSCL floats tender for e-autos for Jammu smart city

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